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Comment: Regarding the linked article on Perl... (Score 2) 536

I'm not going to take sides on 'what language to learn next.' You've not given us enough information on your codebase, the size and nature of your company, etc. I would say a rewrite is as likely to put you out of business than not, but that's ultimately your choice and unless I know all the factors I can't tell you if its a risk worth doing.

Regarding the link you gave on Perl 'ossifying', there was actually a signification discussion on the Perl Reddit about that article which I want to point out:

I would say the website that generated that article seems to be some sort of SEO play (they just have a bunch of articles on stuff that has some interest and controversy) and they stick ads on it. There's nothing mentioned in it that hasn't been mentioned 100K elsewhere (including here on Slashdot).

Perl has pluses and minuses but I've made a good career at it, and most of the code I've worked with is newer (seldom more for 5 or 6 years old), not legacy stuff from before the first dot com bubble. I'll probably make 200K this year, so I can't say its a bad choice. I work with lots of fun people as well. I also like Javascript. If I was starting today I might choose Scala, its a nice clean, fast language with a lot of forward looking concepts. Best of luck whatever you do.

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No doubt, I have a few friends that cashed in old Cobol skills back when we were partying like it was 1999 (for the second time). However in my nearly 20 years of writing Perl for web sites I've never worked on an application that was more than 6 years old when I was hired (and about half of them where new applications, the last 3 were startups using Perl).

I realize the Perl community doesn't spend a lot of time adverting all the companies that do choose Perl for new startups, since we are all busy working :)

I do know a lot of people making good money keeping some old financing systems running, down on Wall Street, but I never wanted to work in Finance so I don't know about them. My guess is they fall under what you called legacy, although its likely that stuff is running multi billion dollar a year apps for rich brokers.

Comment: Re:Oxymoron (Score 5, Interesting) 126

Given I'll make more that $200K programming Perl this year, no that was not my first reflex...

My first reflex on seeing this on Slashdot was, "I probably shouldn't read the article because its going to be filled with the same tired, ignorant Perl hate. And then I'm going to waste time trying to respond to it."

You don't have to use Perl if you don't want to. Why isn't that enough? Why do you feel entitled to dump your FUD on my community? Perl isn't the most popular choice but there's a lot of us making a decent living at it, so please if you don't get it, or you don't like it, unless you have a grudge with Perl that hasn't already been mentioned 100K times what's the point of saying anything at all?

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by jjn1056 (#46602525) Attached to: Some Mozilla Employees Demand New CEO Step Down

Eich's beliefs mean nothing, as long as he doesn't practice them at work.

Generally I find that intolerant, bigoted people find ways to practice their intolerance and bigotry all the time. I've never met a KKK member that said "Hey I only wear the sheet at night! When I am at work its all, 'Kumbaya man!'".

Just as the employee's sexual orientation means nothing, as long as he doesn't practice it at work.

There's a big difference between a leader of a company with power, wealth and influence and a general employee. One has a megaphone that they can use to promote their ideology, the other doesn't. Even if they are careful to give the appearance of separation, ultimately that megaphone is there.

What if this guy was like a Nazi, would you say the same thing? My guess is, no you would not.

Comment: Re:Tarzan need antecedent (Score 1) 824

by jjn1056 (#46602403) Attached to: Some Mozilla Employees Demand New CEO Step Down

WTF how is this somehow modded insightful?

Its not a matter of 'demanding my boss' anything. And its not about 'political correctness' or whatever that means nowadays. Lots of shit in life is ambiguous and arbitrary. The trousers of time have many pant legs to fall down, and quite often they are all more or less equal. But there are occasions when history will take sides. And this guy is on the wrong side of history. My guess is the parent poster is as well.

I've traveled around the world and lived as the natives do in lots of places. As in Rome, yeah? But you can hide intollerance under 'all opinions are equal' crap. There is a difference between matters of opinion and matters of ethics.

In terms of what can I expect from a boss, well I would say Mozilla is not just some company, its a big part of an ethical movement around open source / free software and about empowering people with information and technology. Many, many people who are part of that movement share other similar values around notions of diversity and tolerance for difference. I personally do find it distressing that the CEO of this company clearly doesn't share all those values. However I'd be willing personally to find some common ground if possible, on the hopes of influencing him over time. But I can't expect that over everyone.

+ - NSA Can Hack wifi 8 Miles Out - Implications For Commercial Use-> 2

Submitted by littlewink
littlewink (996298) writes "Assume that the NSA, as they claim, can hack wifi 8 mile out. Then it must be possible for a network of enhanced wifi routers (not controlled by the NSA) to act as a wide-area network similar to now-defunct Metricom's Ricochet system except far more robust, distributed and less costly. Such a network, by reducing the role of local ISPs, could reduce unwanted monitoring (by NSA and others).

I am asking for suggestions about software/hardware enhanced stacks for such a "New and Freer Internet"?"

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