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Comment: lending on the kindle - finally (Score 1) 280

by jjmiv (#34010554) Attached to: Amazon To Allow Book Lending On the Kindle
I haven't read the millions of comments before mine, but this announcement feels like a test drive to me. Kindle knows it needs to keep going against the Nook and that the Nook has had the ability to lend books since its inception. I feel its just Amazon seeing how much books are actually lent out between users and how it affects their numbers (increase in Kindle sales? decrease in book sales due to book lending?). My guess is after a while they might increase the lending period and frequency if things look good. I'm glad they are listening to their users and watching their competitors! I figured from the inception of Kindle that its Amazon's REAL bread and butter product and they definitely want to get this thing going. Color e-Ink next!

Best Places To Work In IT 2010 205

Posted by kdawson
from the wish-you-were-here dept.
CWmike writes "These top-rated IT workplaces combine choice benefits with hot technologies and on-target training. Computerworld's 17th annual report highlights the employers firing on all cylinders. The Employer Scorecard ranks IT firms based on best benefits, retention, training, diversity, and career development. Also read what IT staffs have to say about job satisfaction. How's your workplace, IT folk?" Read below for a quick look at the top 10 IT workplaces according to this survey.

Comment: Swype works alright. (Score 1) 104

by jjmiv (#32639240) Attached to: Swype Beta For Android Is Open, Temporarily
I've been using Swype for the past couple days and it works pretty well. I turned off the 'vibrate on keypress" and using sounds which get annoying. Its pretty accurate and nice being able to use with one hand. I also recommend not using the "suggesting words" option, I kind of liked the spell check with every word for the Android keyboard but the suggestion box for Swype gets in the way of the screen AND its annoying when typing in numbers.

Comment: breakthrough deal with AT&T (Score 1) 1713

by jjmiv (#30932842) Attached to: Apple's "iPad" Out In the Open
I was hoping during this event that there would be other announcements during the Apple event. I read reports of Apple stopping AT&T's exclusivity of the iPhone and adding Verizon (and maybe T-Mobile) to the fold. Well, I realized that it would take away too much from the iPad to announce something like that during the even that's supposed to feature Apple's landmark device. There's one sign that makes me think that the exclusive with AT&T will go away. During the presentation Steve Jobs himself exclaimed a "breakthrough deal with AT&T" This makes me wonder if Apple approached AT&T and stated "hey AT&T we are going to end your exclusive access to the iPhone just because its good business for us. But to show our appreciation, we want to give your first-negotiation rights with the iPad" That's what makes me think the iPhone will be going to other carriers in the US. Also, if the exclusivity deal ends in June, why would Apple announce it in January? Makes more sense to wait till its closer. That way people on Verizon aren't foaming at the mouth. Anyways, I'm sorry if this has already been said, i Just didn't feel like reading through 876543 comments on this topic.

Comment: catch 22? (Score 1) 156

by jjmiv (#30722634) Attached to: Best Buy Abandoning "Optimization" Service?
don't PC manufacturers get paid by software companies to install trial-versions of their software? So then customers pay Best Buy to remove it AND Best Buy gets paid by software companies to load other software. Sounds like you can't win. I used to work for geek squad and it was really annoying removing all of the software that was useless with new computers. Actually, until we got in trouble, we created our own optimization software that removed unnecessary programs and optimized the Windows, the registry and boot up.

Comment: classic mode...please! (Score 1) 1124

by jjmiv (#29527397) Attached to: Firefox To Replace Menus With Office Ribbon
i just hope there's a 'classic mode'. i'm somewhat used to the office 2007 ribbon, but its lack of user customization is annoying. i just hope they're going to do something 'similar' to the ribbon, like..update their GUI but not make it JUST like the office 2007 ribbon. lets hope for something good out of this.

Comment: network inventory management (Score 1) 251

by jjmiv (#28780613) Attached to: Best Tools For Network Inventory Management?
I admin a small company that has about 50 users. We're able to track all of our assets (workstations, servers, monitors, VoIP phones, etc) using a simple excel spreadsheet. we also use spreadsheets that document the hardware configs for our servers and visio for the network set ups. the important thing that I've learned is taking the time to maintain the inventory once you've set up how to track it. if everyone in the department doesn't keep up with it...the inventory is useless.

Comment: simple plan (Score 1) 958

by jjmiv (#27329271) Attached to: How Do You Deal With Pirated Programs At Work?
here's a simple plan 1. inventory all software that you have media and licenses for. 2. survey all the software that's on individuals computer. take this opportunity to view what they need to use compared to other employees. 3. look at standardized solutions for all users based on what they have then look at options in FOSS or paid software. Present to execs (or however you process your budget) 4. deploy based on response.

+ - Booting Vista from an external usb drive

Submitted by
jjmiv writes "Is there any confirmation out there on whether or not Windows Vista can boot from an external USB Hard drive? I am having trouble finding a credible source that confirms either way."

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