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Submission + - wikileaks mirror accused of being gumblar (

jjbarrows writes: Dear Joseph,

SiteGround has received a complaint from its upstream provider — SoftLayer, that some illegal activity has been performed through your website.

The infringing material is located at:

You can find the complaint we have received at the bottom of this message.

Due to the fact that this activity severely violates SiteGround's Terms of Use and Acceptable Use Policy, we were forced to suspend your account in order to prevent any further issues caused by the illegal activity.

We are very much aware of the inconvenience this issue may cause you, so we would like to take a moment and explain the reasons for our actions: as you know, your account is hosted on a shared hosting server and thus sharing the resources of the server with other customers' accounts. When some illegal activity performed through a shared hosting account is detected, we must take immediate actions to stop that activity, otherwise we risk having the whole server unplugged. And we cannot allow the entire hosting server with hundreds of accounts on it to be unplugged because of one single account.

This is why the above explained precaution was absolutely necessary.

We believe the illegal activity through your account is a result of vulnerable software on your local computer. For relevant information about similar problems please read this article

In order to continue using your account with us you have to:

- Update your antivirus software and perform a complete scan on your computer. For extra security we can disable your ftp access if you don't use it.

Upon completion of the above you will have to contact us to re-activate your account. Then you will have to:

- Change your cPanel password which is also your main FTP password. This can be done from your Customer's area, My accounts

- Delete all files / folders mentioned as infringing above. This can be done through your cPanel, File Manager. We can also do it for you.

Once we confirm all steps are followed properly, we can consider this case resolved.

If you fail to complete any of the above steps your account will remain suspended and deleted after 30 calendar days.

Please make sure you keep your local PC always safe with an updated antivirus software. Otherwise, if this issue happens again we will have no option but to terminate your contract and delete your content. For more information please check our Terms of Use.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Bojan A.


SoftLayer Security has identified the following TOS/AUP VIOLATION in reference to an IP hosted on your server. A description of the violation is listed below or attached to this ticket for your review. Please disable or remove this activity immediately as it is direct abuse of the network services and a violation of your TOS and AUP. Failure to resolve this issue in an expeditious manner could lead to service interruption for this server. Please update this ticket with resolution to this issue. We thank you in advance for your quick action and cooperation.

We require a resolution to this matter within 4 hours.



Submission + - Google maps mobile goes 'home' when lost? (

joseph barrows writes: "This morning I was at my girlfriends place (some here may need to google that phrase) and checked googlemaps on my mobile to find my way to work. I do /not/ have a GPS so rely on the tower system for 'my location'. Google and/or my telco reported my as being 30k's away, at my home address on the other side of the CBD (with better accuracy than I get when I am at home). Any one seen this behaviour before? or know how and why it did this? I'm pretty sure I wasn't 'roaming' as I was still within the Melbourne metroplis.
Surely if the system doesn't know my location it should admit that rather than give misleading information."

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