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Comment Re:Not necessarily malice (Score 1) 231

And the problem with that is...what? Are you saying you want troopers to be inefficient? If the troopers knew that an area tended to have more murders, would you not want them to increase patrol efforts in that area?

Well certainly you would want them to increase public safety. Studies have shown that artificially decreasing a speed limit does not increase public safety - people are going to go the speed they feel comfortable going for the conditions. However, you'll find that many cities are increasing their traffic enforcement at the cost of decreasing other programs such as gang enforcement teams or programs that may have the officers respond to events that do not benefit the bottom line of the law enforcement's office.

Comment Re:This is why you call your bank before tourism (Score 1) 336

If you're going to make out of the ordinary purchases for overseas, or travel overseas, you always want to call your bank ahead of time. This is a standard operating procedure, and nothing to complain about on Slashdot.

I never bother with this. I travel international on a semi regular basis and travel nationally all the time. Every once and a while I'll get a text message asking my bank if I made a purchase, but they approve the transaction before I ever even notice I got the text. I travel to California at least once every quarter and had the bank call me and ask about a $1000 purchase at a California grocery store chain. I was nowhere near the state of California. So far, fraud detection has been seamless and convenient for me.

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 565

Tap water hasn't been chlorinated of half a century if not more.

In which country? Here in London, it is chlorinated heavily. We would all die otherwise. I have an under the sink filter, as my grandfather did before me. Still a slight taste of Chlorine, and some family members won't drink it.

I bet they'd drink it if they got thirsty enough!

Comment Re:Against the law (Score 1) 214

(Rosa Parks, for instance)

You cannot compare Uber and Rosa Parks with a straight face. Uber exists to make money and is seemingly doing so - or at least hyping themselves to the point that they have a large war chest. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for no motive of profit, for no self aggrandizing or selfish reason - but because asking her to do so was wrong. She did so at risk to her own personal safety and freedom. No - nothing Uber does is so selfless and noble. They are no better than the taxi companies they are trying to replace. They're worse because they profit by willfully disregarding the law. I bet the mafia types around the world are wondering how they can incorporate their illegal practices just like Uber.

Comment Re:Uber is at least as good (Score 1) 214

This holds no moral water; they thought that they were buying a licence to be able to ruthlessly exploit the people of London. They thought wrong. I have zero pity for what comes next.

Have you ever lived somewhere with a non-regulated taxi system? My guess is absolutely not. And I can tell you now that the Utopia you are envisioning does not exist. I spent a year living in a country without taxi regulation and it's almost impossible to find a taxi after normal business hours. You also have to be very careful who you accept a ride from - some just want to rob you. Others will take you part way to your destination and threaten to call the police if you do not pay a higher fare than you originally agreed upon. And you had better have agreed on a fare prior to departure because they will charge you anywhere from 10x-100x the usual and customary fare once you arrive at your destination. Half the taxis are brand new and in excellent condition and the other half are utter death traps where you're thrilled to arrive at your destination in one piece.

Does Uber protect you against some of these things? Absolutely. But once the regulation falls you're left to be raped and pillaged. Just ask the state of California how energy deregulation worked out for them. They blew through a $40B budget surplus in just one summer that they were left at the mercy of Enron and friends.

Comment Re:NZ? (Score 1) 71

Maybe I think that centripetal force is just as fake as AGW? Maybe I am sick and was tired and was not thinking properly? Maybe I was just trolling? Or perhaps it was a combination of all of the above? Who can possibly know? The safest guess is the second option, though. Thanks for pointing out my folly to me.

Comment Re:ooh, ooh, I know how to fix this problem (Score 1) 203

No you don't. 25% is the highest tax bracket you qualify. I am in 36.9% bracket. My effective tax rate including AMT is around 24%

You must be a tax dodger, then, if you fall under AMT and are paying 24%. If you take just my Federal withholding for the year, I am at 17% of my annual salary. Once you throw in medicare and social security taxes I am 24.8%. At the end of the year, when I file my taxes, I will end up paying another $1500-2500 to settle my taxes for the year. This is after I tax defer over 15% of my income into a 401k.

Comment Re:NZ? (Score 1) 71

....what? "falls" into space? You need to reach escape velocity (the direction of which interestingly doesn't matter). At the poles, you have to do it all by yourself, on the equator you only need to add sufficient speed to what you're already getting due to Earth's rotation.

The earth's rotation helps you enter an orbit, it does not help you escape the Earth's sphere of influence.

Comment Re:There is nothing you can do (Score 1) 278

Yes, what you're saying is true to a large extent, but pedestrians also act all superior and like they always have the right of way - they don't. Pardon the pun, but it's a two way street. I'd definitely like more pedestrian friendly areas with lower speed limits (and bike lanes for everyone!), seriously... but we don't have that, so pedestrians need to be careful to. Yes, I drive to work, but I otherwise do a lot of walking, and never presume someone sees me or that I have the right of way when I'm cutting across a street and not using a crosswalk.

Indeed. My dog and I walk a solid 3-4 miles a day. Every day we cross this same street where people want to make an unprotected right turn onto a bigger street. We have the walk symbol and always stop at that intersection and have a good look around because most of the right turners are too busy looking left to see us cross in front of them. Just this morning someone was trying to make an unprotected left after we started crossing. They thankfully saw us after they blocked the intersection they were attempting to cross. Everyone focuses on the cars around them and never bother to see if they might hit a pedestrian until it is too late.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1148

This is technically inaccurate. Machine guns may not be manufactured for civilian ownership since 1986 ( ), however any made before that time are able to be owned by civilians, once the NFA is complied with. This requires submitting a $200 tax/fee to the BATF along with documenting paperwork, background checks, and waiting several months for approval (a right delayed is not a right denied? Where have I heard that before?).

As anyone who understands supply and demand will know, a fixed supply and decades of demand growth means the very limited number of NFA items (the actual number is unknown as the BATF does not fulfil FOIA requests as they claim they are not a "government agency") have risen in price from as low as $50/each at the time of the law passing to $30k-80k in the case of M16s today, depending on model and condition. So poor citizens can't afford machine guns, the rich can collect them if they see fit. More rare or fancy MGs, like a minigun are in the +$100k range. The cheapest end of the spectrum is something like a MAC10 for $5k-10k. Prices keep rising. ( Example prices )

I should add because of their price and controlled nature, you basically never see a legally registered and possessed NFA firearm used in crime, it is just too expensive and a semi-auto does the job just as well. In some ways the banning of MGs has been allowed by both sides of the gun issue because it lets the anti-gun feel safer those "evil guns" are hard to obtain, and the pro-gun people can point to it and say, "see the really scary stuff is basically illegal".

Ahh I didn't think that there were any M16's available from prior to the NFA. I was mistaken and you are correct. But mostly I was commenting because it seems that the GP thinks that an AR-15 is an 'M16' that anyone can go down to Cabellas and pick up. It's clear he wants to ban guns without even really knowing what he is talking about. The same GP probably would freak out if a politician or layman suggested banning encryption without understanding what encryption really is.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 3, Informative) 1148

If that means that a few law-abiding citizens can't get access to an M-16 for entertainment purposes, than so be it.

Mission accomplished then. No law-abiding citizen may have access to an M-16 for entertainment purposes. Now there are certain organizations that may have access to an M-16 for business purposes, but no citizen may own one. Does that mean your gun control agenda has been completed, or do you want to do more?

Comment Re:Local cache servers (Score 1) 50

It seems they updated the BIOS for the motherboard on my MBP with El Capitan and now it is reporting half the memory that is actually installed and at a lower FSB speed. I had upgraded my memory to 16GB, which I have been using without a problem for years. Now it's showing two sticks at 4GB each."

OT, but I'll chime in.

Firstly, I didn't know El Capitan rolled up a BIOS update as part of the OS installation, unless there was an outstanding update already available and your MBP needed it installed prior as a prerequisite. Either way, I haven't a clue. However, I have MBP - 13-inch, Mid 2012 model that just got El Capitan installed last night. It's still reporting 16GB (two sticks of 8GB @ 1600Mhz). And while yes, only 8GB is officially supported, the only aftermarket provider of RAM the I can rely on with 100% confidence is; which is where I purchased my kit from.

Actually I think I was confused this morning - grabbed the wrong laptop. I opened the case and that one does indeed only have 8GB of RAM in it. But they do sometimes package new SMC code and other tidbits with the OS installers - that was why you could not revert backward from I think 10.6, for instance.

Comment Re:Local cache servers (Score 1) 50

Question: Why wouldn't Apple have local cached servers in place? That seems redundantly silly for having an entire nation pull effectively the same content over trans transoceanic cables.

I have been wondering the same thing. I have issues downloading stuff from Apple in the US. Just the other day I was trying to download WatchOS 2 and was getting a blazing 0.02MB/s from Apple. On the same device I started downloading a file from a big content provider and was getting 7MB/s. WatchOS 2 speed did not increase or decrease based on whether or not I started or stopped that transfer. And I'm not far from one of Apple's big data centers.

Anyway, I feel like Apple is sliding quite a bit right now in quality and I am actually very pissed with them. It seems they updated the BIOS for the motherboard on my MBP with El Capitan and now it is reporting half the memory that is actually installed and at a lower FSB speed. I had upgraded my memory to 16GB, which I have been using without a problem for years. Now it's showing two sticks at 4GB each.

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