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Comment: Re:Not Mutually Exclusive (Score 1) 232

by jittles (#49620153) Attached to: The Programming Talent Myth

Lost me here. Programming can definitely be a passion, and it can also be a talent. One might have a natural aptitude at programming. That doesn't mean one cannot learn the skill of programming, or that someone who finds it difficult in the beginning will not become an expert.

When non-technical people try to tell me that I must be a genius to be able to program, I always tell them that anyone can learn to write software. I do believe that certain mindsets are able to grasp the material and apply it better, but that does not prevent someone without that mindset from learning to program well. It's all just logic and some people grasp logic better than others.

Comment: Re:Who will win? (Score 2) 171

"How does anyone know that the brakes need service" Not a car guy, eh? Here's a hint: that terrible screeching sound you are hearing every time you hit the breaks means you need to get new pads, IF you haven't already destroyed the rotors.

Sounds like you are not the car guy. The screech you hear can be chatter from the brake pads, or from the wear indicator. It is NOT and indication that you need to replace the brakes, it is an indication that you need to inspect the brakes. Brand new brakes can cause a screeching sound if they do not have the proper shims installed, or an anti-screech compound put onto the back of the pads.

There is nothing to cause a screeching sound that would also destroy the rotors - neither brake chatter nor the wear indicator will cause damage to the rotor. If you hear a grinding noise, then the brake pad has been worn completely away (at least in one place, or on one side of the rotor). Of course someone can hear steel on steel grinding. You can feel it in the car when the brakes are applied.

As for rear drum breaks, they are only an assist. If they go out, it just makes the front breaks wear faster.

Anyone who understands physics understands that the rear brakes do not provide as much stopping power as the front, regardless of whether they are drum or disc. However, up to 40% of your stopping power can come from the rear brakes. If you're driving without rear brakes, you had better hope you never need to make a panic stop. In a brief Googling the best I could find for you is the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Basic Handbook that indicates that the average motorcycle has 30% of its total available braking power in the rear wheel. It does not say that the rear wheels provide nothing but brake assist, that is just absurd. And I would prefer to NOT ride in the car of someone who only has 70% of their total stopping power available to them.

I support the rights of the people, including their right to free enterprise without interference from men with guns, whether they be banditos or g-men.

You're right, people deserve freedom. However, being a member of society requires that you follow certain norms. For simplicity's sake, why don't we call these norms regulations? These regulations forbid you from murdering me, for instance. The general purpose of these regulations are to prevent injury or harm to others. If you'd like to go back to the days without any sort of government regulations, why don't we just go ahead and let you, your partner, your parents, your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or any progeny of your family work in a factory for 100+ hours a week?

Comment: Re:Who will win? (Score 1) 171

Thank you. Obviously this guy has some reason to ignore reality in order to support Uber. Especially that comment about riders knowing that the driver isn't maintaining their car properly. How does anyone know that the brakes need service if they don't stick their head in the wheel well and look? Perhaps if there were no brake pads left! But with drum brakes you wouldn't even hear a sound when the brakes stopped working. And there are plenty of new base model cars with rear drum brakes.

Comment: Re:Who will win? (Score 3, Informative) 171

"please enlighten me how requiring to pass a test that you fit to transport others" What is a person going to do as an Uber driver that would hurt others that he couldn't do just driving himself or his friends around? If there is a danger posed by an Uber driver, then the same danger is posed by regular drivers, and EVERYONE should be subjected to the same tests. Don't punish people for carrying out commerce. That is oppressive and hurts the people.

Someone who drives professionally spends a hell of a lot more time on the road than someone who spends 20 minutes driving to/from work each day. That means that they have a hell of a lot more of an opportunity to kill someone than the average commuter. Uber encourages these people to drive more.

"requiring more frequent car inspections (since the cars are also used much more intensely)" The cars are also owned by the drivers, who will notice when something is wrong, and get it addressed quickly, since they have to pay for it and don't want damage to compound. If the car is unsafe, the passenger will notice, give a bad rating, and complain to Uber, who will quickly deactivate the driver contengent on getting his car fixed. This is called market regulation, and it is 1000x as effective as corrupt government regulation. All you have to do is find a corrupt inspector and slip him five extra bucks and your car will pass ANY inspection.

No. Most people I know will drive around with their check engine light on for months because they don't know how to actually see what the engine code means. They also fail to maintain the emission components of their vehicles, change their oil, and a host of other small things they should be doing. Hell just a month ago I replaced the brakes and rotors on a coworker's car because she didn't realize that grinding noise she was hearing when she hit the brakes was bad.

Comment: Re:Predictable (Score 1) 173

He doesn't seem overweight for me.

While I feel for the family, to say that he is not overweight shows just how much society's perception of being overweight has changed.

Take a look at this picture, for instance.

And take a look at the body fat visual chart for comparison.

With the overhanging belly, he is easily 35-40% at least. While the majority of people today are fat (especially in the US), that is not healthy. If anything, until recently, 20-25% used to be average.

Above 25-30% is the fat territory, and that's when you start increasing your risk for heart attacks, diabetes, and strokes. Mr. Goldberg may have had a lot of things going for him, but he is most certainly more than a little overweight.

Assuming he's ~6 feet, I would argue that he is probably ~30-40+ lbs overweight. That is not at all healthy. I'm not arguing everyone should have abs, but there's a happy medium here. Mr. Goldberg is very clearly on the unfortunate side of the medium.

I'm 6'3. I can easily be 50 pounds overweight and not look like that guy. If he is that tall, he's got to be closer to 70-80 pounds overweight. Granted, if you look at BMI charts they think I should weigh about 20 pounds less than I do when I think I look fit and trim.

Comment: Re:A story for those who (Score 1) 128

by jittles (#49610469) Attached to: 4.0 Earthquake Near Concord, California

A story for those who don't understand orders of magnitude?

Seriously. I grew up in that area. One day I was standing on a stool that was unstable, it was missing a leg. A 4.0 earthquake hit about 10 miles away and I didn't even feel it on my precarious perch. I'm guessing whoever submitted this story is either not from California, or has never actually been in an earthquake before.

Comment: Re:Plausible versus implausible threats (Score 1) 247

by jittles (#49610377) Attached to: VA Tech Student Arrested For Posting Perceived Threat Via Yik Yak

It is rather unlikely that any anonymous poster has a bunch of aircraft carriers handy to launch a new attack on Pearl Harbor.

Says YOU! Hasbro has been selling me aircraft carriers for dozens of years!! On the weekends I can go to a yard sale and pick up an entire armada.

Comment: Re:Like deer hunting in Texas (Score 2) 999

by jittles (#49610351) Attached to: Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas

They place containers of corn in plain site of their blinds for weeks, then hide out on opening day of hunting season and take the deer by the dozens

Seems like they were baiting for 'terrorists' in a similar way

Yeah it's pretty pathetic. It's illegal to bait the deer during the season (in most states, I believe), so they get the deer used to a free lunch and take it away when the season starts. That way they aren't technically breaking the law, but they are poor sportsmen. If all they want is some deer meat, perhaps they should open a deer farm.

Comment: Re:gosh (Score 1) 162

by jittles (#49584971) Attached to: The United States Just Might Be Iran's Favorite New Nuclear Supplier

America has more than enough problems to solve at home - like when you're going to do SOMETHING about Puerto Rico - either give them statehood or given them back their independence but right now you're conquering overlords there - no better than Iran's government.

The people of Puerto Rico have been given the choice to choose independence or statehood MANY times. The people of Puerto Rico would prefer to stay the way they are, and I don't blame them. They may not have the same legal rights as a state, but they receive all the other advantages of being US Citizens without having to pay federal income tax, in most cases:

Though the Commonwealth government has its own tax laws, Puerto Ricans are also required to pay most U.S. federal taxes, with the major exception being that most residents do not have to pay the federal personal income tax. In 2009, Puerto Rico paid $3.742 billion into the US Treasury.

Comment: Re:assuming they reverse-engineer the libraries (Score 1) 223

by jittles (#49584431) Attached to: Windows 10 Can Run Reworked Android and iOS Apps

Why would anyone need to reverse engineer open source libraries from Android?

because they are also providing MSFT implementations of the Google APIs which of course are not open source. should be easy enough. e.g., provide a maps implementation that works exactly like Google maps.

They probably are pushing Bing maps on Windows phone and so they probably just use a wrapper library that translates Android and iOS calls to the appropriate Windows Phone equivalent. From what little I saw and heard of their presentation yesterday, it sounds like you have to compile your Android and iOS apps inside of Visual studio to run it on Windows Phone 10.

Comment: Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 263

by jittles (#49579773) Attached to: Crashing iPad App Grounds Dozens of American Airline Flights

Interesting. Thanks. But the entire fleet was not down, only several dozen. The ipads "powered down unexpectedly", not the type of behavior you expect from changes to a document data change, but a very common problem when an app or OS has been updated or changed in some manner.

You're right, it was just dozens - I misremembered the article. But they all appeared to be at the same time. You can't do auto update on the OS itself, though an app update could happen automatically. But supposedly they could not get the iPads to work at all without reconnecting to the airport WiFi network. That doesn't make much sense for any kind of update.

Comment: Re:Seems he has more of a clue (Score 4, Informative) 700

by jittles (#49578649) Attached to: Pope Attacked By Climate Change Skeptics

Um... Climate Change?

Here is what the sitting Dem President has to say: “I refuse to condemn your generation and future generations to a planet that’s beyond fixing.” - President Barack Obama, June 25, 2013" https://www.whitehouse.gov/ene...

Here is what the Dem candidate for President in 2016 says: "Clinton began her remarks at the National Clean Energy Summit by laying out the problems climate change is already causing today, including extreme weather and droughts. “[These are] the most consequential, urgent, sweeping collection of challenges we face,” she said. “No matter what deniers say.”" http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/hil...

Here is what the last Rep President had to say: " In 2001, President Bush decided to pull out of the negotiations for the Kyoto Protocol, a worldwide agreement to try to keep greenhouse gases down. Environmentalists were aghast. The president said he had his reasons. "That I felt the Kyoto Treaty was unrealistic. It was not based upon science. The stated that mandates in the Kyoto Treaty would affect our economy in a negative way."" http://www.npr.org/templates/s...

And here is what a Rep candidate for 2016 has to say about it: " Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, questions whether global warming is real, arguing that the "data are not supporting what the advocates are arguing." "The last 15 years, there has been no recorded warming. Contrary to all the theories that – that they are expounding, there should have been warming over the last 15 years. It hasn't happened," said Cruz." http://politicalticker.blogs.c...

So, yeah there are real differences between US political parties, particularly on the subject of this article, Climate Change

I Think that just goes to show that they target different members of the population, not that they have real meaningfully different agendas. They almost always vote the same on things like domestic spying, invading foreign countries, etc. The only thing they really fight over is how to slice the pie.

Comment: Re:Wow ... (Score 3, Insightful) 263

by jittles (#49578365) Attached to: Crashing iPad App Grounds Dozens of American Airline Flights

The update was likely to some item of data the application uses, not the application itself.

I don't see how you have any information to support this assumption. I'd guess its more likely an IOS update and some resulting incompatibility. Updating the data itself is probably the least likely change to cause error. Also, that data probably doesn't change very often, so it would have been pretty obvious if that were a root cause.

The evidence to suggest that it was a data change and not an application update was that their entire fleet of 737's was down. There was no report of another airframe being affected. Also, the data does change on a regular basis. From the FAA:

if your chart is more than 8 weeks old it probably isn't current. Aeronautical information changes frequently; more frequently than every six months. That is why we publish the Aeronautical Chart Bulletin in the back of each Airport/Facility Directory (AFD) every 56 days and why it is important that you consult the Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) prior to each flight.

Comment: Re:Wow ... (Score 2) 263

by jittles (#49577113) Attached to: Crashing iPad App Grounds Dozens of American Airline Flights

These ipads were replacements for a big bag of relatively static documentation. For that purpose, you'd think that you would freeze the iOS version for long periods of time(and have IT test the hell out of any updates), and have a similarly static app that Nobody Touches without substantial approval, with only some PDF or HTML documents specific to the flight swapped out as needed.

The data is not static. And the fact that it happened only to the 737 aircraft in the fleet suggests that it had something to do with data that was specific to this aircraft and not the application or iPad OS itself.

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