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Comment: Re:Local stores (Score 1) 322

by jimwelch (#40249577) Attached to: Best Buy Chairman and Founder Resigns Ahead of Schedule
That's OK. We can differ on what is the definition of a local store. from the original article. "What brick-and-mortar stores make sense where you live?" That is what I meant. B&M near me "local" verses remote: long drive either for me or for my UPS driver. I am not "in love" with the buy local slogan. Those that push that, better never take money from out-of-towner's. My "local" stores are filled with out-of-state tags because we are 25 mi from the border. I live in a medium town (36,000) 1/3 of the workers drive in from 25 miles away in larger cities.

Comment: Trade associations. (Score 4, Insightful) 206

by jimwelch (#38838963) Attached to: Scientists Organize Elsevier Boycott
There is another part to the open access. Trade associations that publish specs. They want anywhere from $100-$1000 for a specification that MUST be used to manufacture equipment. Those specs are written by employees of many businesses (users). These associations do not pay taxes.These specs should be published as e-books for a reasonable price. $35 for example. They are still living in the 50s.

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