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by jimbolauski (#46786603) Attached to: Click Like? You May Have Given Up the Right To Sue
Even if you read the terms and hit like any way you would not be giving up your rights to sue. For instance if liking a post entered you into a drawling to go meet Count Chocula then the like would constitute your consent to the terms of the drawling. The like would not however reduce your ability to sue if they put ricin in your cereal.

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If you cared to RTFA you would know that there were two failed attempts to digitize the records one in 1987 that was canceled in 1996 and the second in 1997 which had a delivery date of 2008 that was scrapped because it didn't work. The first attempt failed because of lack of technical oversight as an English lit PHD was in charge of the oversight. Both programs had issues processing the vast array of documents with slight variations to them. Large government IT projects have a history of failing miserably, Obama care is the most recent, a research group found only 5% of these large projects succeed. I imagine the scope of the project is not clearly defined due to lack of technical expertise when writing the requirements, the technical oversight is lacking, and the magnitude of the project is underestimated in most of these cases. Anybody that has experience managing these large projects is not going to take a huge pay cut, move to Pittsburgh, and work in a cave. It's not lack of desire that these projects fail it's lack of expertise to get these projects to succeed.

+ - First ever coding world championships - Hello World Open 2014->

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shonkone (3583755) writes "Top coders set to defend their country’s honor in the first World Championship.

This Spring, coding will be brought to the global spotlight in a context we might not be used to. The creative technology company Reaktor, together with the mobile game developer Supercell, will host the first ever Coding World Championships: Hello World Open 2014. About 10 000 teams of top coders are expected to compete.

The challenge of each team is to create an artificial intelligence — also known as a bot — to take part in a digital car racing game."

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by jimbolauski (#46523307) Attached to: Lego Robot Solves Rubik's Cube Puzzle In 3.253 Seconds
The first thing you need to know when bonding anything is the material you are bonding, most Lego bricks are made of ABS plastic and I would assume the ones you had are as well. The way you bond ABS is by chemically welding it, you can find the solvent glue at most hardware stores (plumbing section). The glue will be black because there will be abs filler in there to fill voids because it is used in plumbing and must be water tight. The second option is to use MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) to chemically weld it, MEK is clear and has no filler. Most hardware stores don't sell MEK anymore but a MEK alternative that may not work. MEK is some nasty stuff wear gloves when you use it and work in a well ventilated area with a respirator, if you get any on your gloves change them as the MEK will be eating through them shortly.

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Big companies need protection the same way all companies need protection. They invest lots of R&D money into projects, and have to make it back. Under your wild wild west system inventors will have to make back half their investment in the first year, in the following years the market will shrink because people have all ready bought their product and now there is competition in the remaining market forcing prices down. Patent protection is so important to the success of the country that it is in the constitution.

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Upper level mathematics comes down to understanding why you do a certain step. Unfortunately most teachers put almost all of the emphasis on memorizing the steps instead of understanding why you do them. My roommate went from failing calculus to getting a B because I was able to get him to understand the why.

Real computer scientists don't comment their code. The identifiers are so long they can't afford the disk space.