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Comment Re:n=6? Seriously? (Score 1) 96

I think you are missing a critical point. N=6 is perfectly fine for what they were trying to accomplish, they were simply doing a proof of concept.

From the Article

The [experimental] designs were different, but the end results were very similar and highly complementary, says Ian Wilson, co-author on the Science paper and a structural and computational biologist at the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego, California. Its a promising first step, and it's very exciting to see this research come to fruition. Authors of both studies say the next step is expanding protection to other strains of influenza, namely H3 and H7.

It does not make any sense to start out every new drug and vaccine with an N>100 experiment.

Comment Re:Right to Privacy in One's Backyard? (Score 2) 1197

If he was shooting bird shot it certainly can't do much damage when it is falling down unless a person was looking up in the direction it landed and hit them in the eye. Buck shot is a little larger and would probably leave a bruise but I doubt it could penetrate the skin as it was falling down. That being said there are very good reasons why shooting firearms in residential areas is against the law.

Comment Re:Fucking SJW (Score 2) 581

assaults? How does one assault another person when they don't know where they live or who they are? I think the term you are looking for is harassment, which can only be achieved if the harassee looks at the harassment. Comparing mean things people say on the internet to the civil rights movement shows a giant ignorance on your part when the mean people of reddit start spraying fire hoses at people that are strong enough to peel of skin, burning down houses, lynch people, or have their dogs attack other people then you can make that comparison.

Comment Re:what? (Score 1) 65

Jesus you're thick. If I'm on patrol 50 km north of Kandahar, I need to network primarily with in-theater units: my command, my own unit, neighboring units, and supporting units on standby in case I get in some shit. Datacenters like these are the core of providing a high-speed, secure, LOCAL network to people operating in-theater. Yes, the data that has to be sent back to the Pentagon is going to go over a high-latency connection. NO, all of the data generated during normal operations does NOT all go back to the Pentagon. Once again: a high latency, low bandwidth network is death on communications, and communication is about the most important thing that you can have in a fight. Planes do not have the capabilities to do an effective job. There is no magical wifi router you can just strap to the bottom of a fucking AWACS plane and blanket 100 square miles with secure wireless networking.

I will try to make this very simple since you seem very slow, the only place you drop in data centers is remote FOBs, those remote FOBs are going to be very far from main bases. You need to be able to communicate from your data center to the main base. This can be done one of 4 ways. 1 hard line connections, not an option for any area where you can't truck in a data center. 2 Line of sight communication/ tower relay's, not an option as you need tall towers in line of sight with each other you will need to truck in lots of equipment to build a tower. 3 satellite as you have said latency and bandwidth are an issue. 4 AWACs and other comms planes communicate from main bases to FOBs.

Right, because planes magically attain air superiority with no ground presence. And mobile SAM units are impossible to move around on the ground in the dark. And it's as easy as looking at your HUD to know that you've gotten all the enemy's SAM units. Who's too busy playing Call of Duty, again, friend?

Your Call of Doodey training is failing you again. You are not gong to be dropping data centers from a helicopter before you have attained air superiority. You do know SAMs can be used against helicopters.

Other planes can, you fucking idiot. So can drones. And you don't have to get your shoulder-fired rocket very high if you hit that magical AWACS just after takeoff, or on approach at an airfield. Further, given that there are literally on the order of "a few dozen" AWACS planes in the US Air Force's arsenal, the odds that they're going to be using them to provide any sort of continuous networking capabilities to units across the theater is pretty fucking non-existent. You have NO idea what you're talking about, and you're only demonstrating how stupid you are by continuing to argue.

So you think heliocopters don't face these issues when they are dropping data centers? Do you think it is a good idea to put data centers in FOBs when the enemy can bomb them because they still have planes and drones? Do you think AWACs are the only plane that can handle comms? I listed 3 other that I know of off the top of my head that also provide comms, there are more then enough to provide coverage. Hitting a plane taking off or landing with a shoulder fired rocket is more difficult then you think, first the planes go dark so the enemy can't see them same with the runway, second they dive from a high altitude and land very quickly. I'm guessing Call of Doodey doesn't explain this.

Comment Re:Fallout (Score 1) 364

If China wants to cash in early they will do so at a lower interest rate or even below value or they will hold on to it and let it mature as they would have before. The only real problem is that they will start buying fewer treasury bonds which will move the interest rate up.

Comment Re:what? (Score 1) 65

My response fulfilled everyone of you requirements in your first rant. Now to dismiss your second rant. First let me ask you do you know how the dropped in equipment communicates to the outside world? You are limited in every way that you were just complaining about. You do know you can't put the internet on a hard drive right? All putting the data center on a plane does is remove it from remote isolated FOB where they have to be parachuted in and can be easily overrun.

By the time you are dropping data centers all the SAM sites have been neutralized, shoulder fired rockets can not fly high enough to reach AWACS. I really don't know what your point was here. I'm guessing you don't know about max flight altitude of shoulder fired sams

In conclusion go back to playing Call of Doodey because you are way out of your depth in the real world.

Comment Re:what? (Score 1) 65

What magical resources provide "secure and reliable network uplink/downlink" without having a physical footprint on the ground?

What magical resources eliminate the high latency of satellite uplinks, which makes things like drones, fire control systems, and real-time intelligence systems next-to-useless?

Boeing E3
Northrop Grumman E-8
Boeing P8
Northrop Grumman RQ4

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