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Comment Make no mistake (Score 3, Insightful) 235

Nuclear energy's effective demise was not of its own making.

Incessant Alamist and hyperbolic activism by extremeist turn public opinion, spurred frivolous lawsuits, and prompted overzealous regulations.

The irony is that Nuclear is the best hope to fight their new boogieman, Climate Change.

Environmentalists are looking for a foot doctor to take care of the hole the shot into it.

Submission + - Air Force hires civilian drone pilots for combat patrols - legality questioned (

schwit1 writes: For the first time, civilian pilots and crews now operate what the Air Force calls "combat air patrols," daily round-the-clock flights above areas of military operations to provide video and collect other sensitive intelligence.

Civilians are not allowed to pinpoint targets with lasers or fire missiles. They operate only Reapers that provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, known as ISR, said Air Force Gen. Herbert "Hawk" Carlisle, head of Air Combat Command.

Comment Re:The American Way (Score 1) 193

...and you seize the opportunity of an exceptional event to promote your own ideas.

You mean like diving on the shooting at a school to promote gun bans? There are thousands of kids dead at the hands of criminals in the inner cities every year, some by guns, some by drugs. There's no campaign to figure that shit out. No, it makes a hell of a lot better media and sound bites when it's a nice white suburban family whose lost a child.

Comment Re:Why does gov't care about climate change protes (Score 1) 193

Knowing that these protesters are allies of the French govt on this topic, knowing that the terrorists wish to hurt the French govt AND it's people as deeply as it can, knowing that this is a major international event which will be highly covered in news world-wide, and knowing that this is a predictable predetermined time and location where massive causalities might be inflicted, it's almost too good an opportunity for terrorists to pass up.

Maybe, just maybe, you could look at the big picture and give consideration that the govt you try sdo hard to vilify is trying to keep your allies alive.

Comment Re:Propaganda. (Score 2) 193

Climate protests have nothing to do with terrorism. But large concentrated crowds of climate protesters sure would provide a juicy target for a terrorist strike, wouldn't they?

So the French govt can try to keep the would-be protesters alive and be condemned, or risk a catastrophe for which they would be condemned. At least the former is highly unlikely to result in any deaths.

Submission + - We Need a New Atomic Age writes: Peter Thiel writes in the NYT that what’s especially strange about the failed push for renewables is that we already had a practical plan back in the 1960s to become fully carbon-free without any need of wind or solar: nuclear power. "But after years of cost overruns, technical challenges and the bizarre coincidence of an accident at Three Mile Island and the 1979 release of the Hollywood horror movie “The China Syndrome,” about a hundred proposed reactors were canceled," says Thiel. "If we had kept building, our power grid could have been carbon-free years ago. Instead, we went in reverse."

According to Thiel, a new generation of American nuclear scientists has produced designs for better reactors. Crucially, these new designs may finally overcome the most fundamental obstacle to the success of nuclear power: high cost. Designs using molten salt, alternative fuels and small modular reactors have all attracted interest not just from academics but also from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists like me ready to put money behind nuclear power. However, none of these new designs can benefit the real world without a path to regulatory approval, and today’s regulations are tailored for traditional reactors, making it almost impossible to commercialize new ones. "Both the right’s fear of government and the left’s fear of technology have jointly stunted our nuclear energy policy," concludes Thiel. "supporting nuclear power with more than words is the litmus test for seriousness about climate change. Like Nixon’s going to China, this is something only Mr. Obama can do. If this president clears the path for a new atomic age, American scientists are ready to build it."

Comment Let freedoms ring (Score 1) 388

Self destructive actions of an individual negatively affect society


your freedom ends when it negatively affects others.

False. My calling you names or otherwise being offensive (including, gasp, making racist and sexist statements), for example, however negatively it might affect you and millions of others, does not end my freedom of speech.

Comment Re:Important to note (Score 2) 388

Let's have a little equality.

Absolutely. Maybe, LSD should not be prohibited to begin with. Maybe, nothing should be prohibited at all — citizens of a free country ought to have the right to kill themselves in any way they wish. But the rules must be the same for everyone.

On that note, I argue for automated law-enforcement wherever practical — such as with traffic-cameras, which would fine an upstanding resident of the same town just as much as passer-by from 2 states away.

Submission + - Anonymous defaces an ISIS web-site with a Viagra ad (

mi writes: Anonymous hackers have taken over an Islamic State-supporting website and replaced it with an advert for Viagra: " Please gaze upon this lovely ad so we can upgrade our infrastructure to give you ISIS content you all so desperately crave. "

The message — from a hacking group calling itself Ghost Sec — also said: " Enhance your calm. Too many people are into this ISIS-stuff ".

Is this the strongest reaction to the massacre, that the Western World can muster?

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