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Comment Re:It's true (Score 1) 290

Those two statements contradict each other.

They don't you just have to have a little better understanding of maintenance on planes. Baring self healing paint there is no way to protect paint from rain hitting a plane at 400mph. The reason the B2 is kept out of the rain is to keep costs down, every plane has rain erosion issues but the cost to repair the paint on the B2 is much higher then for an F15.

Comment Re:Different demographics (Score 1) 633

The question is will the Gun Shopping network actually increase impulse buys. Take my neighbor for instance, his car was broken into, by broken into I mean he left it unlocked and someone rummaged through it. He decided that he needed a gun to protect himself in-case someone decided to break into his house and slapped down $200 for a 9mm Hi-Point two magazines and 30 rounds. Impulse buys all ready happen having a shopping network won't likely change the rate at which guns are purchased.

Comment Re:I liked it more before.... (Score 2) 233

None of your examples would be people voting against their self interest. A religious person voting for a pro life candidate because of their views on abortion would not fit as that person values the lives of unborn children more then their financial interests. What you value in life and what you think is in other people's best interest does not matter.

Comment Re:I liked it more before.... (Score 2) 233

People don't vote against their self interest, take welfare for example there are two kinds of people that voted for it, the ones who will benefit from it and the others who feel good about themselves for doing so. In my experience it is impossible to vote against your self interest it's just that people value different things more then others.

Comment Re:Evade air defense? (Score 1) 237

No, the power is spread across radio and tv transmitters, cell towers, and the like. The radar sites can be largely passive as long as they are synchronized.

I don't know where you are getting your information but it is wrong, multiple transmitters cause a huge problem as the signals can only be synchronized in a line every where else the two signals will be out of phase. This will essentially cause one transmitter to jam the other.

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