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Comment Re:What a load of nonsense (Score 1) 210

Whiskey is aged in wood barrels or in glass containers with pieces of charred wood inside them, putting whiskey in an empty glass container is not aging so unless we are assuming the article is incorrect it's safe to say that there was wood inside the glass containers. It's tough to say if weightlessness had any effect or if the vibrations of the 4 year space flight accelerated the aging process. As for marketing, it costs about $10,000 per pound to put something in orbit so I doubt very much that they will be selling space whiskey any time soon.

Comment Re:Identity theft insurnce (Score 2) 71

The good news is that data from the OPM hack has not been spotted for sale, this is likely because the OPM data is being used by the Chinese for espionage. The Chinese don't want your identity they want to know how they can approach you to get classified information.

Submission Can living in total darkness for 5 days "reset" the visual system?->

the_newsbeagle writes: That's what one neuroscientist is aiming to find out. He wants to put patients with a type of amblyopia, the vision problem commonly called lazy eye, into the dark for 5 days. His hypothesis: When they emerge, their brains' visual cortices will be temporarily "plastic" and changeable, and may begin to process the visual signals from their bad eyes correctly. Before he could do this study, though, he had to do a test run to figure out logistics. So he himself lived in a pitch black room for 5 days. One finding: Eating ravioli in the dark is hard.
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Comment Re:Like Tomato? (Score 4, Informative) 242

The restrictions are only for the 5GHz band. The reason is 5GHz is supposed to use dynamic frequency selection and transmit power control this is to avoid interfering with weather radar and allow more people to play nice together. They just don't want Dorthy to get hit by a tornado because some one is crapping all over that frequency. They are using a cannon to kill a fly when all they have to do is require that any firmware follow DFS and TPC on 5GHz routers.

Comment Re:n=6? Seriously? (Score 1) 96

I think you are missing a critical point. N=6 is perfectly fine for what they were trying to accomplish, they were simply doing a proof of concept.

From the Article

The [experimental] designs were different, but the end results were very similar and highly complementary, says Ian Wilson, co-author on the Science paper and a structural and computational biologist at the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego, California. Its a promising first step, and it's very exciting to see this research come to fruition. Authors of both studies say the next step is expanding protection to other strains of influenza, namely H3 and H7.

It does not make any sense to start out every new drug and vaccine with an N>100 experiment.

Comment Re:Right to Privacy in One's Backyard? (Score 2) 1197

If he was shooting bird shot it certainly can't do much damage when it is falling down unless a person was looking up in the direction it landed and hit them in the eye. Buck shot is a little larger and would probably leave a bruise but I doubt it could penetrate the skin as it was falling down. That being said there are very good reasons why shooting firearms in residential areas is against the law.

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