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Comment: Re:what? (Score 1) 55 55

My response fulfilled everyone of you requirements in your first rant. Now to dismiss your second rant. First let me ask you do you know how the dropped in equipment communicates to the outside world? You are limited in every way that you were just complaining about. You do know you can't put the internet on a hard drive right? All putting the data center on a plane does is remove it from remote isolated FOB where they have to be parachuted in and can be easily overrun.

By the time you are dropping data centers all the SAM sites have been neutralized, shoulder fired rockets can not fly high enough to reach AWACS. I really don't know what your point was here. I'm guessing you don't know about max flight altitude of shoulder fired sams

In conclusion go back to playing Call of Doodey because you are way out of your depth in the real world.

Comment: Re:what? (Score 1) 55 55

What magical resources provide "secure and reliable network uplink/downlink" without having a physical footprint on the ground?

What magical resources eliminate the high latency of satellite uplinks, which makes things like drones, fire control systems, and real-time intelligence systems next-to-useless?

Boeing E3
Northrop Grumman E-8
Boeing P8
Northrop Grumman RQ4

Comment: Re:The enemy of my enemy != my friend (Score 1) 85 85

Lets say I am a competing hacking company, I have two options keep the source to my self and try to steal their market share with a copycat product, or release their source code making their IP worthless and easy to defend against while offering my own product that got past the hacker group. I would prefer the option where my competitor's reputation is tarnished and products are useless.

Comment: The enemy of my enemy != my friend (Score 4, Interesting) 85 85

While I am happy that Hacking Team got their comeuppance I am not ready to support their new found nemesis. This could be nothing more then a turf war and the last thing I want is another set of more cunning bad guys getting their seed money from me.

Comment: Re:take care of yourself and you will look good (Score 1) 232 232

There is no evidence that completely avoiding, smoking, milk, sugar, alcohol, processes foods, or the deadly gluten will cause you to age any slower. Most of it is genetics my dad smoked from 15 - 35 and if we compare pictures there is not that much difference in our complexion we both have wrinkles at the same age, the same goes for my brothers who also don't smoke. I am by no means saying doing any of these things in excess will not have consequences but each of these fad diets that cuts out the evil food de jour has shown the same effectiveness. First it was cutting out fats and evil red meat, then some fish became bad, then it was sugar, then all carbs, now it is gluten and processed foods. I would rather enjoy my scotch, cookies, Cheetos, steak, and bacon and die early enjoying life then live longer eating soylent green.

Comment: Re:Your biggest screw up (Score 1) 437 437

Harassment by a sub is reason to remove the sub and ban the administrators it just needs to be applied to every sub. There are a few radical feminists subs that acted the same way and were just put on double secret probation. I'm all for getting rid of the garbage that stinks up a site but don't play favorites because the sub shares the same political viewpoints as the CEO.

Comment: Re:The future is coming. (Score 1) 214 214

Ore for rare earth minerals is rare, while there may be an abundance of the minerals there is no money to be made in mining and refining them in most locations. Ore is only found when the cost to mine and refine is less then market value, significant increases in prices and/or significant increases in refining would need to be made for there to be enough ore.

Comment: Re:The future is coming. (Score 2) 214 214

There currently is no where near enough manufacturing capacity to build enough solar panels, wind mills, or batteries to supply the world with its electricity needs in the next two decades. Running purely on renewables is not a realistic option. Even if manufacturing was magically ramped up it still wouldn't be possible unless the materials used changes there will not be enough rare earth minerals to support that many solar panels, wind farms, or batteries.

Comment: Re:People need to learn to stop giving a shit (Score 1) 529 529

You seem to be missing a lot, so I'll try to clarify the issues. When there is a 30% increase in the size of a town you need 30% more houses, 30% more food, 30% more water, a fire department that can handle 30% more fires, 30% more crimes. None of those are the real issue, the real issue is the 30% voting block that could elect Mayor Crazy Pants and turn their town into crazy town where florescent lights are banned neon lights are banned all on the whim of a crazy person.

Are they interfering with your life? No? Then shut the hell up and mind your own business.

That's what the people in the town are tying to do but crazy people are demanding that they stop using using neon lights in their business, stop using florescent lights in their business.

Comment: Re:Somebody explain? (Score 1) 105 105

Or maybe Luhnow or one of the employees that followed him to the Astros kept his password the same and the database was just similar. The Cardinals didn't seem to find any evidence that Luhnow stole IP when they accessed the database, which is what the Cardinals claimed they were doing.

Comment: Smart Sports (Score 4, Insightful) 105 105

There is science and innovation around all sports, you just have to be bright enough to notice it. Take baseball the batter has to be smart enough to know that the pitcher only throws certain pitches during certain counts and that there are slight differences in the release of different pitches giving the batter a better chance to hit the ball. Same with football you need to have excellent pattern recognition to know what the defense is going to do and what you can do to maximize your teams chance at success. Even something as simple as running has tons of science in it, knowing how hard to train, what type of training, and how fast the person can recover. I didn't even mention the science that goes into clothing and shoes. There are very few dumb jocks that succeed in professional sports, talent alone will not get you to the professional level you need something more.

Comment: Re:Slashdotters (Score 1) 181 181

Diagonal lines on 1080p still have "steps". The resolution is not high enough until those go away without anti-aliasing.

A 256k resolution tv will have steps in a diagonal line the question is how close do you need to get to see them. A 100" television is going to be the upper end of TV size no matter how cheap they get just due to the size. 3' away is as close as you can get to a 100" television without the screen being outside your field of view, but that includes peripheral vision where you can't focus,see color, or track movement very well. 30 degrees is about the max you can focus on so 5' is as close as you can get and keep the whole screen in your near peripheral vision. On a 100" 8k TV the pixel size would be 0.01" at 5' you can't see those edges and you won't be able to see a 0.02" pixel on a 4k TV at 5' either.

The issue with 8k televisions is that you can't get close enough to see aliasing effects without getting so close you can't see all the screen, 4k televisions are just on the other side of that ratio too so there is no need to get a larger resolution. The only use for 8k televisions is immersive experiences where you are not meant to see everything at once but that is not typical home entertainment experience.

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