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ASCAP Says Apple Should Pay For 30-sec. Song Samples 463

Posted by kdawson
from the thicket-of-rights dept.
CNet reports on a new money battle brewing between those who generate music and those who profit from selling it on the Net. "Songwriters, composers, and music publishers are making preparations to one day collect performance fees from Apple and other e-tailers for not just traditional music downloads but for downloads of films and TV shows as well. Those downloads contain music after all. These groups even want compensation for iTunes' 30-second song samples. ... Apparently, the music industry can't obtain the fees through negotiations. They have begun lobbying Congress to pass legislation that would require anyone who sells a download to pay a performance fee..."

Comment: Re:Yes! (Score 1) 478

by jimboisbored (#29434261) Attached to: "Right To Repair" Bill Advances In Massachusetts
I had a 98 Contour with a chipped key (PATS for Ford) and when the lock cylinder broke and I saw the prices: $30 for a non PATS and $130 for a PATS, I took the $30 one. There's a plastic ring around the cylinder with the reader in it, I broke the head off the old key, taped it to the sensor and put the sensor out of the way. It worked fine for the year or so I had it after that and im assuming is still fine.

Comment: Re:If they just did IP checking (Score 1) 114

by jimboisbored (#28452243) Attached to: UK Gets Europe's First 3G Femtocell
GPS is a cell phone tower requirement, for CDMA anyway, not sure about GSM networks. All the large towers (again CDMA for sure, not sure about GSM) have GPS coords programmed into them or have a GPS receiver. Cell phones usually work off of several towers at once. Knowing the exact distance difference lets the system compensate for the time delay of one tower being closer than the other. Also it's how A-GPS ya it's probably the same for GSM networks.

Comment: Re:Dead space... (Score 1) 52

by jimboisbored (#26678521) Attached to: Hands-On With <em>Halo Wars</em>
I agree, I was always a firm believe in the KB/mouse combo for FPS games, but having played things like Call of Duty and Halo at friends' houses more and more I finally bought my own xbox and have been hooked and actually like the controller. I do agree that a RTS would be a little tougher on a console though.

Comment: Re:Putting the MS flame wars aside... (Score 1) 378

by jimboisbored (#24386503) Attached to: Microsoft Bets Big On Computing For the Car
Completely agree with you. I'm actually surprised XP is as stable as it i though because I ran it through nlite pretty fast and probably pulled some stuff it would have liked to have, but it's still stable, I think I had it freeze up one time and it was related to the front end software. The cheap lcd and all the components even survived storage in Minnesota winter in an unheated shed.

+ - What do you use for anti-spam

Submitted by Jim
Jim (871959) writes "I work for a small non-profit organization and we are currently paying for spam filtering service through postini. We have about 75 users and my initial thoughts are going to an appliance like a Barracuda would be cheaper. What are some of your experiences with hosted services and appliances. Are there any open source solutions out there that do a good job? Money is always an issue around here and around $400 a month seems to be getting pretty outrageous."

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