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Comment Re:Who owns your car? (Score 1) 236

The job of the government is to create "solutions" for problems that they create. A self-driving car only needs to replace a human driver-- it doesn't need to become an arm of the state. The police detain people, not cars, so it should be the person's decision. Don't make self-driving cars be at the mercy of the state just because you can!

Comment Re:In "oil" country no less! (Score 1) 315

You don't even have to Read The Fine Article... just Read The Fine Summary to see that "Solar power has gotten so cheap to produce and so competitively priced in the electricity market that it is taking hold even in a state that, unlike California, doesn't offer incentives to utilities to buy or build sun-powered generation."

NOT due to subsidies-- at least not state or local ones.

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