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Comment Re:a video ipod? (Score 1) 159

  1. How do you know where "we" are?
  2. If you must know, it's not the OED, it's actually the New Oxford American Dictionary, 2nd Edition.
  3. Even the definition you cite from the American Heritage Dictionary indicates that "innovate" can mean "To introduce (something new) as if for the first time." Many people learned of portable digital audio players only with the introduction of the iPod, so they certainly perceive it "as if" it were completely new.
  4. It's certainly true that there are insufferable kneejerk Apple bandwagon-jumpers and fanboys on Slashdot and everywhere else. Tweak them if you must.
  5. I must still take exception to the implication that innovation means creating something new ex nihilo and anything else is "copying".
  6. But all this is too subtle for Slashdot anyway.
There were lots of words in the above paragraph if you want to look them up in your OED also.

Goodness me, thank you! I would never have dreamed of looking up words I don't understand -- and of course that means most of them -- in a dictionary! It's lovely that people are so kind to a complete idiot like me!

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