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Comment That's... (Score 0) 83

Actually pretty lame.

I mean, not only did he use a CAD program for a box with 4 arms, it doesn't even look "cool"... No lego fins, etc. Not even a minifig in a cockpit. It looks like every other quad-copter.

Comment Hospital Procedure, Property Rights (Score 1) 11

The story itself might not seem particularly geek/news/thought-worthy until you start thinking about it.

Hospital Procedure:
What procedures are there to protect property in hospitals? Having worked in an ER, it was often "get a hospital volunteer to put clothes in a brown paper bag and write illegibly what is in there". Surely we could find better and more secure ways of doing this. We're talking about property, wallets, rings etc of a person who may be unconscious and is definitely vulnerable. Can't we do better than a brown bag?

Property Rights:
This goes to questions over tissue rights over removed organs (always a confusing area of law), who is responsible for the property of an unconscious person, and who is responsible for property attached to removed tissue (or a removed arm for that matter).

I'd say it's sufficiently geeky, if you think about it.

Comment Death and Taxes (Score 3, Insightful) 415

Quit bitching or go somewhere else. Lots of Apple fans read _and contribute to_ Slashdot. There are a variety of subjects I don't care about but I know numerous Slashdot readers are passionate about them so I know I'll continue to see those subjects in submissions. I just skip them. The content I want to read is interesting enough that I can just skip over the content I'm "sick and tired" of seeing. So, seriously, you have a choice - quit bitching about it or go read your geek news somewhere else. It isn't going to change so you might as well complain about death and taxes while you're at it.

Comment Re:You could stick post-it notes over my screen .. (Score 1) 660

I also find that the bar-stewards collaborate on their commercial breaks, meaning that switching to a different channel often gets you the same inane ads about fuel efficiency, automobile collision legal advice and the anti depression pill whose side effects are more depressing than anything you could possibly be feeling before taking it.

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