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Comment: Re:That implies obliteration of the ad industry. (Score 1) 369

by jhaygood86 (#42991913) Attached to: Firefox Will Soon Block Third-Party Cookies
Not me. I work in the ad technology industry. I actually like my job. It's not like you'll be hurting the ad technology industry much, but it will mean your favorite websites (including Slashdot!) will have less income due to lower average value of impressions (a generic non-targeted impression is worth a lot less to an advertiser than a targeted impression). The ad tech companies themselves charge the same to their clients (the ad agencies for buy-side and the online publishers for the sell side) regardless of if the impression is targeted.

+ - Slide to Unlock: The next invalid Apple patent?->

Submitted by
netdemonboberb writes "According to this article, Apple patents USPTO 7657849 and 8046721, regarding slide to unlock capabilities, are the next in the line of patents for technology that Apple didn't really invent but was just the only company brazen enough to file patents for. There are already four points that can invalidate the patent, described in the article, including prior art of another phone and an ACM Journal in 1992. Additionally, the patents are too general and cover almost any User Interface to unlock a phone. This is just another in a growing list of examples of how the US patent system is being abused, costing company budgets defending themselves from frivolous patents at the expense of innovation and technology growth."
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Comment: Not really needed (Score 5, Informative) 504

I dropped out of college (was in the CS program, but barely completed the early requirements), and I have a really good gig as a senior software developer. It takes a bit more to get your feet in, but in general, most places I've seen could care less about the degree if you can get the work done.

Comment: Re:No excuse. (Score 1) 223

by jhaygood86 (#28668233) Attached to: Developer Stigma After a Bad Or Catastrophic Release?
Almost all of the software I have worked on commercially has been successful, and none of it has been open source (I have worked on open source projects, just not as a job). However, I also have a manager who is a developer with an MBA (he was a developer, and he got the MBA while developing) and a project manager who knows technology. Even the requested upgrades to the legacy systems we have get done on schedule and on budget

Comment: Re:Browser's fault? (Score 1) 363

by jhaygood86 (#20267165) Attached to: How Much Are Ad Servers Slowing the Web?
I work for a rich media vendor (basically, middle men between ad agencies and website publishers for rich media advertisements), and we reduce our impact on page load time by using fast edge servers via a content delivery network to serve our JavaScript file, whether on the page or on the ad server's iframe, and then not load content until after the page is finished loading. Seems to work pretty well, as we recieve very few complaints from most of our publishers (including Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, and even Slashdot itself)

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