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+ - UK e-petition for open document formats in govt

Submitted by
darrellberry writes "The UK Government is experimenting with e-democracy — the Prime Minister's website now hosts an e-petition system where any UK resident or citizen can set up a petition and call for signatures online. A recent e-petition achieved over 1 million votes for changes to proposed road tax legislation. A new petition argues that:

Government documents must be available for tens if not hundreds of years. Currently much electronic documentation is stored in proprietary formats, such as Microsoft's .doc format. In order to allow future generations access to these documents it is imperative that they be in a fully documented standard. Open Document Format (ISO/IEC 26300:2006) is now the international document standard and as such should be supported by the Government.
You know what to do!"
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - TopGear turns 3 wheeled car into a space shuttle

Submitted by
ahaveland writes "I found this to be one of the most Nerd-entertaining things I've ever seen, and thought that it deserves a wider audience. Of course, launching a real space shuttle takes huge resources as lives are at stake, but this mock-up of a space shuttle using an old car as the orbiter strapped to a booster rockets with over 8 tons of thrust really shows what one can do with a modest budget in the name of a bit of silliness, while also becoming the biggest non-commercial rocket launch in European history. The presenters of the program really know how to have fun, and entertain their audience!
Video clips may be found on youtube.com, search for "topgear shuttle". Whole program is about 20 minutes in duration.
Production notes are on the TopGear website, http://www.bbc.co.uk/topgear/show/production_notes /shuttle.shtml"

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