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+ - SPAM: Replace that raised floor with carpeting

Submitted by jgreco
jgreco (1542031) writes "Minnesota-based ISP and colocation provider ipHouse has just finished remodeling their Minneapolis facility with carpeting. From the announcement:

"The new carpet uses a technology called HushWeave (licensed from a small 4 letter company in Sweden).

The reduced noise in the data center creates a relaxing environment for both the users of the data center and the servers themselves. This increases the lifespan of the storage subsystems by nearly eliminating the vibrations that affect the spindle wobble on high speed hard disk drives. A quiet/serene data center makes for well behaved servers.

This helps us achieve our goal of a datacenter based on the idea that good servers should be seen and not heard."

An excellent idea all around. Hopefully some of the major data center providers will follow their lead."

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+ - DRM content drives availability on P2P networks->

Submitted by jgreco
jgreco (1542031) writes "The music industry once feared that going DRM-free would drive a massive explosion of copyright-infringing music availability on P2P networks. Now, this study seems to suggest otherwise. The answer is obvious: if you can easily get inexpensive DRM-free content that works on your devices through legitimate channels, most people won't bother with the headache of P2P networks. It appears that users largely turn to P2P to acquire DRM-free versions of content that is distributed with DRM. The MPAA, of course, will not come away from this with the obvious conclusion."
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