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+ - Invisible Galaxy Discovered->

Submitted by all204
all204 (898409) writes "A galaxy made entirely from dark matter has been discovered. A link to the original research paper can be found here.

From the original article:

"An international team of astronomers have conclusive new evidence that a recently discovered "dark galaxy" is, in fact, an object the size of a galaxy, made entirely of dark matter. Although the object, named VIRGOHI21, has been observed since 2000, astronomers have been slowly ruling out every alternative explanation.""

Link to Original Source

+ - Rogers losing more customers

Submitted by
jgoguen writes "Once again, Rogers has angered and annoyed people with their blocking of encrypted traffic. As is disturbingly common, instead of pointing at existing policies to avoid confrontation and provide good customer service, Rogers decides to show once again how incompetent they really are. Network neutrality is potentially also in danger here, with Rogers poised to prioritize their own content and Industry Minister Maxime Bernier pushing ahead with a deregulation scheme."
The Internet

+ - Mistaken YouTube takedown of national TV reporter

Submitted by parodyca
parodyca (890419) writes "David Akin is a national TV reporter for CTV in Canada. Youtube recently took down his home video of his trip to Vimy Ridge (A Canadian national monument) in France. His video was here and was ordered down via DMCA by a law firm called Holland & Hart LLP. But from Akins description there is nothing possibly infringing in the video. By strange coincidence another video was also ordered down by the same law firm. Is this another example of the consequences of not having any accountability for these takedown notices? Having now happen to a national TV reporter with the DMCA get the bad press it so richly deserves?"

Comment: Re:Will anyone gain anything from this? Not Linux (Score 1) 893

by jgoguen (#18700361) Attached to: The End is Nigh for XP
I'll back him up on it. When I installed Ubuntu, almost everything I needed was available right out of the box. The only thing missing was my preferred IM client. Within 2 hours, I'm able to do a full install, fully update, install everything I want, everything I might like to have someday, grab lunch, and start being productive. 2 hours on Windows on the same machine, and the updates aren't even finished yet, forget about installing anything useful.

+ - Home Addresses of Gun Owners Posted Online

Submitted by
travdaddy writes "An editorial writer for "The Roanoke Times" newspaper in Virginia obtained records of the state's concealed handgun permits, complete with full names and addresses, and put them on the newspaper's website. The article states, "You can search to find out if neighbors, carpool partners, elected officials or anyone else has permission to carry a gun." Due to public backlash, the database has been removed. The records are open to the public by law but how easily should they be accessed?"

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