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Comment: Re:So then (Score 1) 1217

by jfredett (#19124593) Attached to: Microsoft Says Free Software Violates 235 Patents
But Things like OpenOffice are certainly not specificly MS's IP, Office suites existed (AFAIK) before MS was around. As much as I sometimes would like to think so, not even MS is that dumb...

Samba seems a more likely candidate, I'm not familiar with how all these things work internally, but It strikes me that this thing is no different than an internet connection. In my ignorance, I assume that Samba essentially passes around knowledge of what the filesystem contains, which is no different than if I was hosting a website off of a Windows machine. In fact, if I'm allowed to (S)FTP into a windows box, or run a website which shows my entire filesystem over an intranet, then isn't that isomorphic to Samba? (I use Isomorphic since the given setup is certainly not as useful as Samba, but it does the same job.)

Again, I have no Idea how Samba or any network file system works, but it certainly seems that the argument against it is kindof flat.


+ - Linus says "GNOME is limiting";Submits pat

Submitted by Axmt
Axmt writes: Linus got into an argument with GNOME developers accusing them of having a "users are idiots" mentality and limiting the configuration options. He went on to submit patches in order to make it behave like he wants. What the Salshdot users think? Is GNOME too limiting compared to KDE?

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