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Comment: Minecraft perfect intro for children. Parent++ (Score 1) 144

by jfisherwa (#45569475) Attached to: Zuckerberg Shows Kindergartners Ruby Instead of JavaScript

My nephew has been into Minecraft since he was 3/4 .. and now a few years later, he is modding, watching HOWTOs on YouTube and loving the Minecraft music videos (he even wants to produce his own) and has gotten a fantastic amount of experience with basic programming logic through pistons and redstone. The social aspect has even been positive--he enjoys joining servers and helping others.

As someone that learned to program at the age of 4/5 in C64 BASIC (copying games out of magazines line-by-line), I feel that Minecraft is the perfect avenue for empowering the developing mind in a way that will allow them to step back and consider a program's architecture/structure. Something that I feel is much more important than shoving syntax down someone's throat. (i.e. no kid likes cursive)

Comment: Apple's product line (Score 1) 196

by jfisherwa (#44794639) Attached to: Can Even Apple Make a Watch Insanely Smart?

If you look at Apple's product line, their smart watch would probably fit in mainly as an iOS/OS X remote, letting you connect to all of your iTunes-account-connected devices. Apple TV remote (with accelerometer), autologin/unlock within range, notifications from all of your devices aggregated(?), GPS, maybe some way to access Spotlight on all devices and Siri to tie everything together. Apps would mainly use notifications to work with the device. Home automation and security systems could be interesting.

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