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Comment Ironically I had sort of the opposite problem (Score 1) 536 536

When I moved to my present location I ordered AT&T UVerse a couple of weeks ahead of time. Well, it never showed up. I had multiple employees tell me I could get it at my address, and multiple tell me that I couldn't. Finally I gave up and got Comcast instead.

Comment American has bought into the H-1B propaganda (Score 2) 226 226

There are clearly too few jobs for the STEM field majors who graduate, but those who want cheaper labor have a much louder mouthpiece for their viewpoint. The media loves to compare the scores of every single 12th grader in the US to those select few in other countries who are going on to an engineering school, and then talk about how terrible we are doing in math. The comparisons are ridiculous.

Comment The powers that be are massively anti-worker (Score 1) 375 375

For example, when we were losing 500,000 per month during this recession (October 2008), Meg Whitman calls for 500,000 new H1Bs a year (they are typically for several years, so this would mean millions of new H1Bs). Instead of being ostracized for being so blatently anti-worker, the California Republican party actually nominated her for governor in 2010, along with Carly offshore Fiornia for Senator.

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