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Submission + - US West Coast 'Drunk' on iPhone (

jfanning writes: The US West Coast is "drunk" on the iPhone. But what has Apple really done for us since 2007 and why is the US so obsessed with the iPhone? Some have suggested that Android is the answer. This article is a long fact based overview of the impact of the iPhone on the mobile industry globally since 2007, putting the iPhone in perspective in relation to the entire industry, and why Android is not the solution. Tomi Ahonen is a well know commentator on the mobile industry, having worked in or consulted for many of the major companies involved in the mobile industry.

Some of the figures involved are truly eye opening, such the fact that 96.5% of Americans with a cellphone do not have an iPhone. Or that "Samsung sold 50 million touch-screen phones, 42% more in just eleven months, than all iPhones ever manufactured and sold in two and a half years".

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