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Comment Re:M. Folwer said it best: Don't do scrum w/o XP (Score 1) 597


Agile is hard. All good development practices are hard. TDD is hard, XP is hard.

Just get over all the goddam crying and do it. Most of the talk about the failures of agile are about the equivalent of stuffing your face full of chocolate cake and then crying "why oh why can't I ever lose weight"..

The point of Agile is that you are supposed to be a team. If you couldn't give a shit what your teammate is doing in the daily standup then you have failed already.

Comment Re:Amazing (Score 1) 185

Before joining in the beating maybe you should actually check who is involved. I think these people know the issues about the naming of astronomical bodies...

Dr. Alan Stern. Alan is an aerospace consultant and an Associate Vice President at the Southwest Research Institute, a large non-profit R&D institution with over 3400 employees, and operates a successful private aerospace consulting practice. Formerly, he directed all science program and missions at NASA.

Comment Re:Oner must be pretty high to be in doubt (Score 2) 218

Nice trick those graphs.

Symbian was already tanking in Q2 2010, nearly a full year before the famous memo and Android had already passed Symbian in market share by the time of the memo. They were screwed no matter what.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 851

Was it really the flu they caught, or just a common cold? Most people have no idea of the difference.

People die from the flu. If you have the flu you can get sick, really sick. It is not just the sniffles. You don't necessarily get the flu shot to protect yourself. You get it to protect the weakest around us, the already ill, the old, or the very young. For those getting the flu can be a death sentence.

Yes the current vaccines are bit hit or miss, usually a hit though. But on the other hand it is no conspiracy. There are many teams working right now on a universal lifetime influenza vaccination, but it is a damn difficult problem.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 851

I saw a graph recently (I think it was in Sciam), which showed that in a hospital setting the nurses were the central contact point between everyone. That is, nurses had more contacts per day with other staff and patients than anyone else in the hospital.

I think that should effectively label nurses as "super-spreaders" in that environment.
Anything that reduces the risk of hospital infections should be mandatory, and that includes washing hands between every patient.

Comment Re:I thought it was standard (Score 2) 172

Something that doesn't seem to have been mentioned explicitly is that DHCP has to be turned off on all access points/wireless routers. There must be only one central DHCP server for the entire network.

But as mentioned, this is part of the spec. I only realised the same thing last year though, so it was nice to be able to remove my 4 different SSIDs from my home network and just use one.

The only down side is that it isn't obvious which AP is in use by any particular device (g or n) or if any AP has died. But unless it causes noticeable problems I don't really care.

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