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Comment: Re:Only for the first year (Score 3, Funny) 567

by jez9999 (#48870837) Attached to: Microsoft Reveals Windows 10 Will Be a Free Upgrade

Not really. If you're the kind of person who builds custom computers, when you call them up just say you replaced the motherboard. If they really push (and I've never had a problem with that) then just say the previous one went bad and had to be RMA'd or replaced. They're happy to remove the old motherboard from the license and apply the license to your new one.

Yep. My machine has had 3 new motherboards, 4 new gfx cards, 10 new RAM modules, 2 new hard drives, a new PSU, 2 new cases (one with additional go-faster stripes upgrade), 3 new montors, 4 new mice, a new keyboard and 5 new surround sound speakers. It's still going strong with the original OS.

Comment: Re:I *have* read the text (Score 1) 206

by jez9999 (#48838233) Attached to: 19,000 French Websites Hit By DDoS, Defaced In Wake of Terror Attacks

I have read the text a couple of times. And it clearly states that Muslims are to DEFEND themselves against oppressors without mercy, but to live amongst them in peace if they are not being attacked.

But they can interpret ridicule or criticism as an attack or an oppression, can't they? That's the trouble with interpretation, anyone can put their own spin on it and use it to justify their actions.

Comment: Re:Qualifications (Score 2) 479

by jez9999 (#48832339) Attached to: Fighting Tech's Diversity Issues Without Burning Down the System

I have no issue with pushing for diversity,

In seriousness, why? If the people in your office are mostly white males and they're doing a competent job, while the women and minorities who do choose to go into IT manage to get work at the same rate as white men do, where is the problem? Why is there this arbitrary need for "more diversity"?

Comment: Re:Once Upon A Time In 1980 At Boeing Airplanes (Score 0) 420

by jez9999 (#48703279) Attached to: The Open Office Is Destroying the Workplace

Where I used to work, we had 1000 people in the same open-plan room, 4 to a desk. Everyone shouted at each other to communicate and we often had to walk over a mile to a colleague's desk on the other side of the room, uphill both ways. We got showered with cold water every hour to wake us up, and sometimes this caused people to get electrocuted by their computer equipment.

Comment: Re:I blame Microsoft (Score 1) 148

by jez9999 (#48638361) Attached to: Critical Git Security Vulnerability Announced

Right, because it's a daily problem I have that I want to put files called Polish and polish in the same directory. And I can't think of any way to differentiate them other than capitals.

What a dumb argument.

By the way, what about when you can't distinguish them by capitals? What if I want a file about my new table in the same directory as my table of figures? What do I do then?

Comment: Re:I blame Microsoft (Score 1) 148

by jez9999 (#48632147) Attached to: Critical Git Security Vulnerability Announced

Despite the fact that I think case-sensitivity is a Good Idea

Why? I've never heard a single good argument in favour. With programming, you often want case sensitivity to distinguish between a public Name and a private name, but the same need isn't there with files, and case-sensitivity is just more likely to lead to mistakes. I say POSIX should be changed to prefer case-insensitive filesystems.

Comment: Re:SVN? (Score 2) 148

by jez9999 (#48632121) Attached to: Critical Git Security Vulnerability Announced

I have source trees that I can't check out of an SVN server on windows because either the files get overwritten by different case filenames being aliased onto the same file

Windows' behaviour makes sense. What doesn't make sense is having Readme and readme in the same directory. What possible reason could one have for differentiating 2 files on nothing but case?

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