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Comment Re:Hmmmm (Score 1) 919

Bullshit. You don't get "harassed" on the internet, you learn to deal with criticism and sometimes insults. "Harassment" is about people causing you issues in REAL LIFE, stopping you doing REAL LIFE stuff, not text on the internet.

I had to learn this lesson within 5 minutes of joining various online communities. I learned it. I did not make everything about me and my feels. Then again, we didn't have Tumblr back then.

Comment Re:Matirx KVM Switch (Score 1) 128

OK well I've gotten it working quite well now. It's slightly annoying because if it continues presenting the video channel, my dual-screen PC or extended laptop won't drop out of 2 screen mode even when I'm not displaying one of those screens anymore. However I can quite quickly just tell windows to switch to one screen with a couple of "Win+P" keyboard presses.

I've also gotten USB to switch nicely between the different PCs, by *not* using the designated "keyboard" and "mouse" ports on the switch, but just by plugging them in to the "regular" USB ports which can be switched separately (the designated keyboard and mouse ports are undesirably switched with monitor1 and strangely they don't even seem to work properly). The PC rediscovers the USB keyboard and mouse each time I switch but it seems to work pretty well and quickly.

Comment Re:Matirx KVM Switch (Score 1) 128

OK just FYI everyone, I went ahead and bought a CM0264 and... it doesn't disconnect the inputs of the video channels that aren't currently selected. So basically it's the same thing as plugging the video cables directly into monitors with multiple inputs. Not such a great recommendation there.

Comment Re:Is it worth doing this in hardware? (Score 1) 128

The original point being made in this thread was that the monitors would be connected directly to the PCs, and the monitor inputs would be changed to achieve single or dual screen capability. That would solve the video issue without the use of a KVM (but as mentioned before, the problem would be that the monitor would still tell the PC that it was connected even if the input was not set to that PC).

Comment Re:Is it worth doing this in hardware? (Score 1) 128

Exactly. When the monitor changes inputs, the other PCs still think they're connected to the monitor and so if they're in dual-screen mode, they won't automatically drop back to single screen mode. Unless there's a monitor that tells the PCs whose inputs aren't selected that the monitor has been disconnected, this will be an annoyance.

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