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Comment Re:BBC / other state broadcasters? (Score 1) 132 132

In practice, your friend is extremely rare. Virtually everyone wants to stream some live video, whether on TV or thru the internet, and it's utterly unfair that they should have to pay for the Biased Bullshit Corporation in order to do so. My point stands.

Comment Re:BBC / other state broadcasters? (Score 2) 132 132

introduce subscriptions, but this is more problematic than it seems at first glance. Would still need geoblocking + subscriptions for outside the geoblock, because otherwise the current practice in the UK of not caring where and what I'm streaming to will fall apart

You just talked about introducing subscriptions. So yeah, you would ditch the practice of "not caring where and what they are streaming to". The TV licence is an anachronism that should have been scrapped DECADES ago. It hangs on because enough people like enough BBC programming that they selfishly think EVERYONE in the UK should have to pay for it. Well I don't.

Comment Re:So the good questions were ignored. (Score 5, Interesting) 550 550

Transgender voice?

You recently tweeted that no one who isn't transgender should voice opinions on transgender issues yet you regularly voice your own opinion on these issues. Is this a tacit "coming out" of your own transgender past, and if so, what does it mean for your own position as a representative and "megaphone" for women's issues and how you speak to the personal history of growing up as a woman?

Steam Greenlight

You recently ran a successful campaign to get your game approved on Steam's greenlight. What approaches did you use to get your game ranked high enough to be greenlit. What do you feel had the biggest impact in getting the numbers? What suggestions do you have for other Indie Game Developers who want to get their games approved on Steam's greenlight system?

Regarding your own game

Considering you have spoken out in the past about female characters in games being overtly sexualized, could you explain why the protagonists of your own game Revolution 60 wear what appears to be skintight lycra to show off their perfect hourglass figures?

And that's just a few that didn't get modded down. Many of the +5 best questions early on got "mysteriously" modded down to -1 flamebait by.... somebody. Like this one which was at +5 funny when I remember reading it a few days ago:

On Managing a Patreon Campaign

Ms. Wu, when sending yourself harassment over steam [] or twitter and faking having to leave your house [] over harassment in response to trolling people, do you find TOR or a more traditional anonymous proxy to be more effective?

A bunch more were mysteriously modded down.

Comment Re:$10B? (Score 2) 241 241

Why would you rather do Mars? Seriously, what is a manned Mars mission gonna get us?

We already know plenty about Mars, owing to all the probes we've send (and are sending) there. At least two things interest me more than having a one-off manned mission to Mars right now: a space elevator, and a permanent Lunar colony. One would make sending stuff into space drastically cheaper, and the other would begin the permanent expansion of the human race to other worlds (which is just cool in itself IMHO). But a manned mission to Mars? What is it, $100bn, so that a handful of people can touch the Martian soil, which we have a pretty good idea of already. Basically a waste of time and money at this point.

Comment Re:Finally! This is good policy (Score 3, Informative) 627 627

Security is becoming more important than getting things done. This excuse of "this security update will break something I need" has been over used to keep security holes open. In this connected world, your security hole is my problem too. It is like storing a 50 gallon drum of gasoline in your garage. You might have excellent reasons for doing so, but it is a fire hazard for the neighbors.

Except that Microsoft have recently been abusing the Windows 7 and Windows 8 update systems to spam Windows 10 to EVERY Windows user through an unremovable (without a registry hack) icon in the system tray. So if MS decides to abuse the update system again to do whatever they want to your system, you can't even stop them.

Comment Re:11 rear enders (Score 2, Insightful) 549 549

Twice, I have been at a red light turning right, started to go and stopped, (having seen vehicles coming too quickly for me to pull out safely) and been rear ended by people who thought I was going. Clearly I was not at fault but that start-stop action was definitely a factor.

Frankly, it sounds like US drivers are just fucking terrible. I guess it's because you have very lax driving tests and never ban anyone from driving (in any kind of serious way), but I've NEVER been rear-ended in the UK because of something like that. People just fucking well pay attention.

Comment I was really excited about this (Score 3, Insightful) 134 134

I'd been waiting for this and following New Horizons so obviously it's great to see, but what slightly tainted the coverage for me was all the freaking USA flag-wavin'. Do you guys really always have to do that? Obama called it "American leadership". Look, I know it was launched and managed by NASA but it involved various non-US technology and experts, not to mention plenty of non-US interest (and non-interest from most US citizens who won't even have heard of New Horizons until yesterday).

I do think your nationalism ruins things a bit. At one point a NASA guy said it was "all about America" in a room full of US flags. Funny, I thought it was all about Pluto. Can't it just be a victory for human ingenuity and curiosity?

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