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Comment Re:Budget (Score 1) 63

You think most of us don't know this? The BBC is the government's mouthpiece, so no matter how much they might feign annoyance at them they never actually scrap the fucking awful licence fee. The government would rather have the BBC as a mouthpiece than not, and it's extremely convenient for them as some people still believe the BBC is unbiased for some reason.

Comment Re:I'll post what I posted on another site (Score 4, Insightful) 460

This is why those interfaces work. Let's take a scrolling view for example. The traditional approach is to put a scrollbar in, and that's what most everyone was doing before the iPhone came along. The scrollbar is discoverable and it provides visual feedback. Sounds good right? Well it turns out using a scrollbar on a mobile device is a miserable experience

What sucks is that they're taking the mobile solution, and applying it to PCs (and websites viewed on PCs). Minimalist UIs on my huge 1650x1050 monitor look downright ridiculous. Just how much space does one need for content? My screen has plenty. Give me bug buttons with text! And scrollbars? No, I don't want it hidden. Show it all the time and make it big and chunky enough for me to click on easily!

Basically, acknowledge that mobile and PC user interfaces can and SHOULD be rather different. This principle will never change.

Comment Re:Apple Music (Score 2) 460

Talking of universal ways to undo, I think it's tragic that we've lose the "OK | Apply | Cancel" paradigm. Microsoft came up with that in Windows 95 (or was it 3.x?) and I must have subconsciously used it countless times to just say "no, screw it, don't make ANY of those changes for now." Instead with Windows 10, they've jumped on the fucking stupid bandwagon of everybody else and now once something is changed, that's it. It's done and you have to remember exactly what to change back.

Comment Re:Go Work for the Competition (Score 1) 192

The UX team at Mozilla thought the Firefox 3 UI "stunk", and proceeded on a course of radical change that fucked up the user experience for a large proportion of there users, thereby losing them.

Before changing UX, be sure that it is needed. If it aint broke, for the love of god don't fix it.

Comment Re:Leave it to Cameron (Score 1) 167

The attitude of Conservative voters is perplexing. They're not even all total morons. At least not apparently. My former boss who started his own company that makes somewhat advanced software was a proud Conservative voter. God only knows why. I can only assume he paid attention to their tax policies and ignored their authoritarian bullshit or something.

Comment Re:For once I agree (Score 1) 267

For once, I agree with Mozilla. Yanking customization like this is just what you need to do when a product grows up.

Utter bollocks. I used theming to get the Fx 4 user interface to look like the Fx3 one when the fucked it up. That was the one saving grace it had. Firefox is well into being a waste of space these days, and this is just another example of why.

Comment Re:Agree (Score 1) 267

We did; it's called Pale Moon. And we're showing that far more than "a few people" use themes (not to mention XUL).

You do realize that the reason themes because an "obscure feature" is because Mozilla has been bludgeoning them with a baseball bat for the last few years, right? Continual breaking UI updates, making themes virtually invisible on AMO, telling people to use personas? Themes used to have many hundreds of thousands of users and be a first class citizen in the Mozilla add-ons world until some UX people decided they were undesirable.

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