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by jez9999 (#47518977) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

But we aren't talking about those issues right here in this post. We're talking about women right now, so let's stick to the topic.

No, because it's a fucking stupid topic.

Why should we only care about women getting insulted online? That's sexist. If you wanna talk about anyone getting insulted/trolled online, fine, but why should we listen to this sexist BS as if women have it worse "in the gaming world" than men? They don't.

It's a bit like campaigning about female genital mutilation. Why don't people campaign against all infant genital mutilation? Similarly, it's because Western culture seems to value girls and women's bodily integrity more than that of men and boys. I don't think it's unreasonable for us to get over that sexism. And if we can't, we should just go back to traditional gender roles because we can't get the equality thing right.

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by jez9999 (#47518801) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

In fact, the article seems to be mostly about women (largely in the gaming press) interacting with the still-all-too-ugly disposition of the anonymous hoards of gaming fans that interact with them

Exactly. This entire article is basically along the lines of "I'm a woman, and I have received some very nasty insulting text via means of email, Twitter, or whatever. Some of it used terms that could only be directed at females." Look, these women need to learn how to ignore non-credible rape and assault threats. Does anyone have a single example of one such woman actually being raped or assaulted by an internet troll, you know, in real life?

The only way to deal with this is absolute zero tolerance policies, at least on forums (literal or otherwise) that you have any control over.

No, the way to deal with it is to teach these women how to ignore people on the internet and/or grow a thicker skin. I learnt pretty quickly - the hard way - to ignore people who were acting like dicks on the internet, within a year of starting to use it. I mastered that pretty well. These women don't seem to want to bother with that. By all means, give people the power to easily ignore someone (I'm sure it already exists on most services) but I wouldn't go down the "zero tolerance" route. Who's going to be deciding what's unacceptable speech? Feminists and social justice warriors, and ANY criticism of them they decide they don't like will be collateral damage of this aggressive censorship. People need to learn to get over things.

And for fuck's sake Slashdot, stop equating internet trolling to credible "daily harrassment of woman" - that makes it sound a lot more serious than it really is.

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by jez9999 (#47451769) Attached to: Leaked Build of Windows 9 Shows Start Menu Return

Actually, the worst thing fior me about Windows 8 when I had to use it wasn't even the lack of the start menu; it was the fact that every time you move the mouse cursor near the corner, Windows 8 pops up some stupid sidebar. I want to move the mouse cursor from one monitor to another and Windows 8 kept getting in the way of that every time as if I were using a tablet device that needed these gesture popups.

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by jez9999 (#47415239) Attached to: Dwarf Fortress Gets Biggest Update In Years

I really had high hopes for Dwarf Fortress; I kind of like complex strategy games with steep learning curves, and I could even get used to the wacky interface. I remember the precise moment I just decided to stop playing it, though; when dwarves started complaining about their clothing being ragged. You have to have an entire economy. To make clothes. For your dwarves.

And this isn't some accident, it's by design. For me, they've gone so far into the micromanagement that the game just isn't fun at all, it's tedious. And that's really a shame because I think if they hit the right spot with the complexity, it could be really great. I had been looking forward to making some really big complex dungeons, but making clothes for dwarves and getting the idiots to actually put the new clothes on, all the time? Fuck it.

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by jez9999 (#47367019) Attached to: Renewable Energy Saves Fortune 100 Companies $1.1B Annually

its turns out that making modest cuts in energy consumption isn't that painful, saves some money, and may have longer term benefits

There are 2 main problems.

First, if we're going to continue to increase in technology and especially if we're going to go for electric cars, we're going to need to use a LOT MORE electricity than we do now. Filling people's heads with the idea that we can use less energy as part of the solution is feeding them bullshit.

Second, and this is from my perspective, any energy generated by solar or wind is energy not generated by nuclear. As I see nuclear as the only viable option for generating the amount of baseload we're going to need for the likes of electric cars, that fills people's heads with the idea that we don't need nuclear, which is also problematic.

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by jez9999 (#47322807) Attached to: Half of Germany's Power Supplied By Solar, Briefly

Because most of the risk is due to human factors, which have not been eliminated

No, it's really not. It's mostly technical, and we can build integral fast reactors now with passive cooling where a meltdown, or effective sabotage, is virtually impossible. You should actually open your eyes to this evidence.

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