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Comment: Pretty Good (Score 4, Interesting) 229 229

When I moved out of my mother's basement I used the Albertson's delivery service until they shut it down. It was $14 per delivery, regardless of size, so I'd get all of my groceries for the month in one order.

It was a lot easier to avoid impulse buying and to plan out what was actually needed when I could place the order online. Albertson's would remember your previous order so it was easy to just adjust it slightly each month.

Comment: Re:Copyright free scores already exist... (Score 5, Informative) 106 106

Also check out Musopen, a large collection of public-domain classical music recordings and sheet music. They take donations and use those donations to hire professional artists to make new recordings of the pieces and then put them into the public domain.

Comment: Re:Annoying as hell (Score 1) 395 395

I think you're confusing speech recognition with natural language parsing. They are two different components. The reason natural language processing is powerful is the same reason the command line is powerful. With a GUI, you normally have to find your way through menus to get to a particular functionality. When there aren't many options to present or you aren't familiar with the system, this is a good interface. On the other hand, once you're familiar, a multitude of functionality is only a command away. (I have 4503 commands in $PATH.)

Once the speech recognition reaches a certain point you'll be able to call your bank and say something like "transfer $500 from checking to savings".

Anyway, here's the use case I picture: Anywhere in the house, I can say something in a normal voice, like "computer, what's the best way to stop a bloody nose?" or "computer, how long do i need to boil an egg?" or "computer, turn on the front-porch lights". Being able to interact with a phone in the same manner would be appropriate in some situations as well. Speech has the potential to be a great input device, especially when there isn't a keyboard handy. (Insert joke here about how none of us get far enough away from a keyboard for it to matter.)

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