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Comment: Re:Very few performance issues? (Score 3, Informative) 206

by jewelie (#37313412) Attached to: Cloud Gaming Service OnLive Unofficially On Linux

Lust for reference, you have actually tried it haven't you?

My experience was different. I gave a few demo games a go on a wee lil netbook. Worked a treat. I was very impressed with the graphics quality and lack of lag.

I was ready to slag it off, but it actually worked well. If I could afford it, I'd happily subscribe - cheaper than maintaining a big gaming PC.

Comment: Re:killing radio for broadband? (Score 1) 108

by jewelie (#36703218) Attached to: Why UK FM Needn't Be Killed For Broadband

Perhaps I'm missing something, but I don't see a correlation with the TV digital switchover in the states?

Different technical system, different spacing of population, different time scale, different plan of attack. Plus different population spacing even means the suitability of FM versus AM is different, plus I guess you don't, primarily, have national FM stations? Our digital radio, DAB, is a crap early failed experiment in attempting to replace our national coverage FM stations with an inferior digital system that just never quite worked even though it's had many many years to succeed and there's been a lot of money pushing people to change over. Decoding 2k (?) channels is always going to be more energy costly than decoding 2 I would have thought, and given the importance of cheap reliable tiny portable radios vs the larger expensive battery guzzling digital ones, I can't ever see it becoming a prefered system for everyday people unless they are given no choice.

We chose an early inadequate system, that's been abused and stretched beyond it's limits, implemented far too early on. Even with the codec upgrades in DAB+ I still can't see it making enough difference. It's a poor solution for a non existant problem! Xxx

PS As I type, we're entering the final stages of our TV digital switchover too - that's a whole other conversation though!

Comment: I think they might just find another big niche (Score 1) 223

by jewelie (#36624568) Attached to: Nintendo Trying To Win Back Core Gamers With Wii U

(TL;DR Hardcore > FPS)

They made a fortune from people who are traditionally non-gamers, they aren't stupid.

Don't assume that the kind of titles on the PS3 and XBox 360 suit *all* hardcore gamers.

There's a currently untapped market out there of console gamers who aren't especially FPS obsessed, folk who the current gen consoles have failed. Much like the way that the Wii panders to the low flying fruit of the cutesy tree, the PS3 & 360 are stuck in a an unoriginality rut. There was more gaming variation on the N64, PSX and PS2 than has been produced for the 360. Even the original XBox had a wider selection of titles (mine's still going strong as my media box, xbmc4xbox rox! :)

I've been gaming and coding since the Atari 2600. Yet I've found my purchase of a 360 to be a wee bit disappointing to be frank, as I'm not obsessed with team-based headshots the selection is a bit weak.

Halo 3 was a total pile of shit (sorry, and yes I finished it.) Oblivion was brilliant, but was just more of the same of Morrowind. Orange box was good, but I've always enjoyed the Half-Life series - exception to my FPS rule. Fallout 3 and New Vegas are addictive but just too dark and FPSy for me, plus more addictive than they are fun really.

There's a few okayish Arcade games, but too damned expensive for my pockets - disc based games have the advantage of dropping in price over the years and have second hand markets.

Where's the in depth original stuff?

As a older hardcore gamer I'm feeling really failed by this console generation (of consoles.) :(

J x

Comment: Re:8000 miles = Close shave (Score 1) 183

by jewelie (#36575252) Attached to: Asteroid To Pass Near Earth On Monday

Just had a look...

Ah, yes! 11000 miles, measured from the centre of the earth, versus...

8000 miles measured from the surface of the earth.

At these distances, the earth's radius is not negligable! HTH.

Those figures actually don't quite add up, by 1 thousand, presumably due to the rounding up and down to nearest thousand.

Comment: Oops (Score 1) 1

by jewelie (#36540356) Attached to: UK Hotel chain's web site compromised

I don't think they realised when they said "Sorry for the spam email you may have received. We have NOT sold any data" that their statement makes things more worrying... if this wasn't an authorised use, surely it can only mean an unauthorised use, i.e. hack? Given operation antisec, and that I've used their site many times to pre-pay for rooms, it's a wee bit worrying!

At least they've been pretty responsive, head office and customer services both called back quickly and took it seriously! ::Sigh::


+ - SPAM: UK Hotel chain's web site compromised 1

Submitted by
Excession writes "It looks like a major UK hotel chain has had it's website compromised and customer details stolen. There's already blog posts about it — more than one — with several more users confirming via the twitter #travelbotch hashtag that they too have received spam at addresses that have only ever been used to register on the site.

No news from the company concerned yet, beyond a statement on twitter confirming that they have not sold any details on and are investigating — as close as you're likely to get to an admission that someone broke in without actually saying so."

Link to Original Source

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