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Comment: Re:Not entirely (Score 1) 347

by jevvim (#42860947) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Alternative To the Canonical Computer Science Degree?
I agree with this, but mostly because not all Computer Science programs are the same. I've interviewed a lot of people for development jobs (embedded systems and device drivers), and have been appalled by what passes as a Computer Science education from some schools. If anyone is in a program that makes them question it's value, then you might want to transfer to a school with a better Computer Science program!

Also, take advantage of internship and cooperative education opportunities while you're getting your degree. Putting your skills to use as you learn can help you refine your skills while you finish your degree.

Comment: Apple-labeled is not Apple-manufactured (Score 1) 536

by jevvim (#25156971) Attached to: Run Mac OS X On Non-Apple Hardware, With a Dongle

One could argue that in order to test such a product, they must have installed OS X, which requires them to "accept" this EULA which they promptly violated by installing on a PC.

But what if they bought a Mac Pro and then replaced the guts with other components? Is the resulting computer still Apple-labeled? What if they have an Apple logo sticker that they stick on the case? Is that Apple-labeled?


+ - Oil-eating microbes produce green energy

Submitted by
Roland Piquepaille
Roland Piquepaille writes "It is estimated that oil sands — or bituminous sands — represent two thirds of the world's oil reserves. Still, it's expensive and difficult to extract oil from these sands. Even with today's crude oil prices, the industry is still looking for cheaper ways to produce energy from the so-called 'tar' sands. Now, according to the University of Calgary, an international team of researchers has found a way for using microbes to extract methane from oil sands. With its enormous reserves, Canada could become one of the major oil producer in the 21st century. Field tests of this new technology should start in 2009. Read more for additional details and references about how bacteria can generate energy from oil sands.."

+ - Judge To Let XM Recording Lawsuit Proceed

Submitted by NormalVisual
NormalVisual (565491) writes "U.S. District Judge Deborah A. Batts ruled today that recording XM Satellite Radio broadcasts using the built-in recording functionality of some XM receivers is not equivalent to taping music off the radio with an analog cassette deck, as detailed in this article. The judge's reasoning was that the built-in recorders in XM units essentially make XM a broadcaster and distributor, whereas XM is only paying to be a broadcaster."

The 360 - Online, Japan, HD-DVD 66

Posted by Zonk
from the busy-box dept.
Lots of tidbits about Microsoft's next-gen console floating around this week. On Monday, the company revealed that almost 60% of 360 owners are now using Xbox Live. GameDaily discusses what is making their setup so dang popular. Major Nelson's Sunday podcast included a lot of details on the 360's approach to HD-DVD. HD Beat has the rundown on what was said, including the inevitable Sony smack-talk. Finally, Gamasutra has a feature on the 360's position in Japan. A group of analysts debate whether or not the system even needs Japan in order to be a success. From this last article: "I don't think that American gamers are enamored [with] Japanese product because it comes from Japan; rather, I think Americans like good games, regardless of the country of origin. Microsoft doesn't need Japanese development to succeed in the U.S.; it needs good games, period."
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Journal: Online user names

Journal by jevvim
I've been working on changing my online nick across every site I've been using. Unfortunately, this means creating new accounts everywhere and generally losing my history. I wish all sites worked more like LiveJournal, where it is possible (though not easy) to change your user name, as long as the new user name is available. I really wish Slashdot had a similar method. I wonder why more sites don't have the option to change your user name...

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