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+ - iPhone Hacked Within Minutes

Submitted by ancientribe
ancientribe (1057834) writes "It took security researchers at Errata Security longer to get their iPhone service activated than it did for them to find security flaws in the new handheld mobile device. Within a matter of minutes, the researchers say they found multiple vulnerabilities in the iPhone, including a bug in the Safari browser, the Bluetooth feature, and in its WiFi capability, according to an article in Dark Reading. Interestingly, the researchers say they found the iPhone actually more secure than any other mobile devices, mainly because Apple will offer security updates through iTunes. But they expect the bad guys to target the iPhone big-time. 169&WT.svl=news1_1"

+ - Why Microsoft will lose patent war

Submitted by
javacowboy writes "According to Roughly Drafted, Microsoft's patent war on open source will end up being counter-productive. Among the factors the author cites are the three different philosophical perspectives on operating systems and software (Windows, Linux, OS X) and the trend toward open standards in the software industry. It's a very meaty article, with lots of historical perspective and technical analysis, but is well worth reading."

+ - Microsoft Patents Disclosed (somewhat)!

Submitted by CptRevelation
CptRevelation (1053978) writes " Just recently Microsoft announced a list of the most detailed info yet against the open-source community. Even though they accuse companies of infringement, they state they would rather do licensing deals instead of any legal action. Microsoft states that the free Linux software violates 42 patents. Graphical user interfaces, the way menus and windows look on the screen, breach 65. E-mail programs step on 15, and other programs touch 68 other patents. As well as accusing Open Office of 45 patent infringements. "Microsoft can't drive a company out of business and make Linux go away," said Al Gillen, an analyst at the technology research group IDC."

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