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Comment: Ah yes, the vi editor ... (Score 1) 500

by jets42 (#19393087) Attached to: GNU Coughs Up Emacs 22 After Six Year Wait
Clean, elegant, efficient, flexible,
(oops, I mean) cryptic, frustrating, limited, WYSI-NOT, relic from the 70's
When I first moved to unix from VAX/VMS, ( circa 1989 ) I was used to working in pure text mode with the "EDT" editor, so straight text didn't bother me...
But, that blasted 'vi' editor: [ begin rant ]
I recall thinking: What does 'vi' stand for anyway: VIolent, VIcious, VIctomize, VIcerate, VIlan, VIce-versa, VIrus, or just plain VILE !
I was used to plain-text editors that understood function keys, numeric keypad options, and would behave when you pressed the Page-Up key.
In "vi" under older SunOS, even arrow keys didn't work! Who decided that h-j-k-l should be used instead of arrows !?!? Except, of course that you had command mode, and insert mode, so when you forgot where you were, and started typing text, (while looking at the keyboard, since I'm a lousy touch typist), it really messed up your source code. And may the gods be merciful if you accidently hit the caps lock key! [ end rant ]

So, I found other software for my editor, called SEDT and was happy (for a while).
But, then I began working on dozens of different unix machines, and couldn't compile my nice new editor and install it on all of them, so I had to go back to learning 'vi' enough to survive in unix.

After a while, I noticed that working 'vi' actually got faster, and when my fingers got used to the keys, I actually had more flexibility than using the old cursor & function keys that I had been used to. (mind you, I still long for some of them)

But for most folks, I would say, keep going with 'vi' for now, and even try a few of these: clicky

As I said: Sometimes I like vi, sometimes not. On the other hand, when trying to post vi "command strings" above, slashdot's post review algorithm complained and told me

"Lameness filter encountered. Post aborted! Reason: Please use fewer 'junk' characters."
...and I had to remove the "vi" examples as 'junk characters'.
I'm thinking this says something about the occasional cryptic "vi" key combinations.

Tho other people comment: "If you want a real editor, go for emacs"
I haven't tackled that one enough to be fluent/comfortable...
$ exit

Logged out on Fri Jan 25 14:10:42 EST 2002

... though his invention worked superbly -- his theory was a crock of sewage from beginning to end. -- Vernor Vinge, "The Peace War"