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Comment: Real threat or open question? (Score 2) 407

Is there a question in there about something specific or are you throwing pasta against the wall to see what sticks? Take AES for example. A pretty open selection process evaluating a number of known ciphers among many smart eyes. Are you saying No Such Agency pulled a fast one in broad daylight in front of multitudes or is your line of question non-specific and open ended?

Comment: About that Monsanto protest march... (Score 1) 128

No, Monsanto isn't real popular here in WA state and yes many of us would like GM food labeled as such. Something other than the leading "8" in the PLU (price look up) number on the sticker [ JetCityOrange.com/plu-code/ ] I for one was one of many in the Seattle Monsanto march and as you can see in this video [ http://youtu.be/USSIqQBca4c ], we aren't talking about black-clad, window breaking, pseudo-anarchist kids raising hell. No, the crowd was full of families and regular folks who realize that there's no "do over" when it comes to f*cking with genetics. You screw it up, and you can't reel it back in.

Comment: As a Seattle-ite I can't wait to shoot one. (Score 2) 144

by jetcityorange (#41642591) Attached to: Seattle Police Want More Drones, Even While Two Sit Unused
Drones? Are you fucking kidding me! Didn't the SPD learn anything from the WTO Battle in Seattle or #OccupySeattle? Obviously not. That's OK. I have a 270 degree view from my rooftop here in N Admiral. I can see all of downtown. One question: How long before folks start aiming for them... Don't worry Diaz; I don't own a gun.

Comment: white, pink, & brown noise MP3 files (Score 1) 474

by jetcityorange (#41503381) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Hacking Urban Noise?
OP, You may want to try white noise (www.JetCityOrange.com/white-noise/), pink noise (www.JetCityOrange.com/pink-noise/), and (my favorite) brown noise (www.JetCityOrange.com/brown-noise/) as well as things like waterfalls, surf, hail storms, etc. Then again, you may wanna just move to a quiet street. I grew up on a main drag with 4 lanes of traffic and a light rail down the middle a block and a half from the police & fire stations. Guess what? As an adult I *insist* on quiet neighborhoods. I've lived next door to 2 cemeteries. Best neighbors I ever had.

+ - Microsoft Won't Say If Skype Is Secure Or Not. Time to change?->

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jetcityorange writes: "When asked repeatedly a Microsoft spokesperson refused to confirm or deny that Skype conversations. Microsoft was granted a patent a month after purchasing Skype that covers for “legal intercept” technology designed to be used with VOIP services. Is it time to consider more secure alternatives like Jitsi [https://jitsi.org/] like Tor's Jacob Appelbaum suggests?"
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+ - U.N. Backs Net Freedom->

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jetcityorange writes: "The United Nations Human Rights Council comes out in favor of net freedom. "It's the first ever U.N. resolution affirming that human rights in the digital realm must be protected and promoted to the same extent and with the same commitment as human rights in the physical world," said U.S. ambassador Eileen Donahoe. All of this was inspired by the role the internet & especially social media played in the Arab Spring.

China, are you listening?"

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+ - Cyberoam Devices Dish Out Bad Certs; Tor Users Exposed->

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jetcityorange writes: "What if a box between you and the Tor network was using bogus certs? What if they were doing DPI (deep packet inspection)? What if you lived in Jordan? How important is Tor? Important enough for China to spoof Tor & break connections. Important enough to target Arab Spring activists."
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Comment: But will it play in Bluffdale? (Score 1) 454

by jetcityorange (#40258553) Attached to: How Many Seconds Would It Take To Crack Your Password?
Hats off to the venerable Steve Gibson for an excellent teaching aid. If nothing else he presents an interactive tool that begins to highlight how stoopid your pet's name, spouse's birthday, or favorite song title is. For most folks, current company excepted, trying to explain how to measure number space for a given password length & character set is a useless exercise. That said, the Password Haystack motivated me to harden my passwords. 1.65 hundred centuries using a Massive Cracking Array Scenario works for me. Can you say "Bluffdale 84065"?

+ - John Draper (Cap'n Crunch) benefit->

Submitted by jetcityorange
jetcityorange writes: Charity auction for John Draper (Cap'n Crunch) of an original Cap'n Crunch whistle from the cereal box *and* a copy of the June 72 issue of Ramparts with the article on how to make a black box. All proceeds go directly to John Draper to help him after his recent surgery.

Phone phreaks unite! An elder needs our help!


Jerry Whiting
JetCityOrange / Seattle

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