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by jesuscyborg (#23142744) Attached to: PETA Offers X-Prize for Artificial Meat

Instead of a movie they need to watch cable. Force them to watch the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet nature shows.
Naturally speaking, killing an animal is no different than killing a fellow human. Human beings are by nature, cruel and selfish creatures. The thing that makes us different from animals, is that we have the mental capacity to choose to be civilized. If human beings are capable of choosing to not murder each other, why are we not capable of choosing to sustain ourselves without torturing and killing animals?

+ - LinuxBIOS with X Server Inside

Submitted by
acassis writes "LinuxBIOS is a BIOS replacement. You can use it to start Linux from Hard Disk or even using Linux inside BIOS flash. This work show LinuxBIOS with Linux and graphic mode inside the BIOS flash. There is used a tiny X Server known as Kdrive (formely tinyx). The graphic mode and window manager (MatchBox) starts in 8s.
See yourself:
More info about this system: =LinuxBIOS_Graphical"

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