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+ - Is the Boeing 787 Hackable By Passengers?->

Submitted by jessiej
jessiej (1019654) writes "According to the BBC 'Boeing has been ordered to ensure passengers on its new 787 Dreamliner jet cannot hack into the flight system and take control of the plane.' Boeing claims their new line, shipping out in November, has 'appropriate safeguards'. The AP reports, however, that 'navigation and communications systems could be vulnerable.'"
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+ - Banking on a Structured Wiki

Submitted by jessiej
jessiej (1019654) writes "It seems the developers at are banking their success on a need for structured wikis. They describe a system that moves away from a single textarea for editing wiki files to configurable multi field files that can be browsed directory style. Unfortunately, these features are only available to administrators so testing them out requires downloading and installing their software."

+ - New Solar Panel Technology Gaining Steam

Submitted by jessiej
jessiej (1019654) writes "Even though CIGS, a newer type of solar panel, is less efficient than it's silicon counterpart, millions are being invested in manufacturing. Why? 'CIGS panels use far less raw material than silicon solar panels and the factories themselves cost less to build,' $25 million compared to $230 million. These types of panels could even be made into a t-shirt logo."

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