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Comment: that's what happens when you outsource! (Score 1) 230

Any operating system has security holes... unix/linux has less... and you take a security risk when you outsource or just hire newbies out of school. You need to hire people who have been at it a while, pay them what they are worth.. and hire newbies for the sr. system engineers to mentor. they get what they get. and java... well.. Oracle Sucks.. we all know that. You can code around it.. just code with security in mind, close all security holes. don't run external processes as a trusted user.

Comment: I will find an alternate service provider. (Score 1) 341

When comcast forced me to use a cable box (I was watching hd programming fine without it) I dropped my extended basic package with blast + and reduced to blast + and the old legacy package. I get most of my HD network programming over the air now. I really only have comcast now for internet access. when I get capped I will look for another provider.

Comment: lmao.bamboo + carbon fiber + hurricane = fly away (Score 1) 165

by jerryjnormandin (#46958213) Attached to: BMW Unveils the Solar Charging Carport of the Future
What are they thinking ? My carport is made of wood, concrete, and roofing material (roofing shingles,etc) In New England structures need to withstand 100mph wind gusts. It does happen. Winter Blizzard wind gusts have hit 80mph. Cold wind packs a punch. My next home improvement is going to involve replacing the decorative shutters with real working shutters. A large carport roof is a great place to locate solar panels. I'm still looking for a deal. Something that won't take 17 years to pay for itself. That is just stupid to me. I'm looking to build a cheap 5kw solar generator for $1,500.00. I bet it can be done. I

Comment: Microwave radiation next the eyes... brilliant (Score 2, Interesting) 50

by jerryjnormandin (#46794511) Attached to: For $20, Build a VR Headset For Your Smartphone
This is what happens people have no clue about the technology they are working with. The cell phone antennae is far too close to the eyes. The human eyes consist of a thin membrane and a lot of water. It does not take much radiation to induce eye cancer. I never put a cell phone near my head. I always use speaker phone mode.

Comment: Since when is Stupid the same as Contraversial? (Score 1) 642

Wow... this documentary is just plain stupid. We live in a tiny solar system way of in a "rural" burb... no where near the center. We are way out on the edge of the milkyway... not even near our own galaxy's center. As far as center of the Universe... I think the idiots don't know what the Universe is. Think of it as something smaller than anything you can imagine.... then a balloon expanding and expanding larger and larger and larger. Nothing exists outside of the Universe, the Universe encompasses everything.

Comment: It's more like google can't write code.. (Score 4, Interesting) 295

It's obvious that the google gui programmers just use windows or mac gui APIs and don't know how to code. Linux GPU code has been extremely stable. Maybe they can learn how to program from the folks at Steam ? LMAO The new Steam Appliance runs Linux. I use a GTX 560 in a MacPro 2,1 running linux on bare metal with NO ISSUES.

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