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Comment: Re:School me on well water (Score 1) 328

Nope. if your water is hard you use a water softner.. the cheapest way to implement that is use an softener that uses aeration. For taste a good old charcoal/sand filtration system works fine. If the water isn't hard the natural filtration through the rocks and sand is plenty good enough, that's where the best tasting water comes from. That's why we get pissed at companies that frack or have land fills near aquifers. Water that is filtered naturally taste bests. Don't forget water is a renewable resource...

Comment: Time to launch a Boycott! (Score 1) 636

by jerryjnormandin (#49584395) Attached to: Disney Replaces Longtime IT Staff With H-1B Workers
I was going to take my three sons to see the new Marvel Comics Move "Avengers: Age of Ultron".. forget about it now. I urge you all to do the same. use the internet , get the word out. There is only one way to deal with greedy bastards.. make them go broke. After they go broke they will take care of the rest.

Comment: Don't buy Lenovo (Score 1) 248

If Superfish is installed the adware can be searching the hard drive for financial information, credit card, bank accounts, all at risk. I suggest not to purchase any Lenovo equipment. It's not what it used to be anyway. If you have to buy a Lenovo then I suggest you re-image it.

Comment: Bummer.. When I was a kid had a paper route (Score 1) 242

by jerryjnormandin (#48968089) Attached to: RadioShack Near Deal To Sell Half of Its Stores, Close the Rest
I built a lot of Radio Shack kits. I built a pixe tube clock, an atomic clock radio, I bought a Realist Navaho Base Station when I was 12 years old. Radio Shack sold one of the first home pcs too. In the 70s and 80s Radio Shack actually designed, manufactured, and sold products. The TRS-80 is one. One of the first home pcs. lot's of software. I have a Tandy Pocket PC that I kept for a soveinier.. I bought it around 1983. I was a college student then in my freshman year. When I was a kid Radio Shack was one of the only electronic stores that you can bring your television or radio tubes in to test, and buy a replacement. They also had their own stereo line of products. The equipment was great. I still have a pair of Minmus-7 spears. I have them attached to my hd tv on the second floor. They still sound great. I remember to elelctronic magazine rack. I would always buy the latest electronic experimenters book by Forest M. Mimms. I'd take circuits in the lab and combine them to build my own gadgets. Radio Shack actually ceased to exists when they stopped building Realistic Navaho CBs, Minmus line of Speakers, stopped innovating the home pc market, eliminated the book shelf, stopped selling original kits based on the components they sold, and became a cell phone shop. It's too bad. I believe my time spent in Radio Shack as a kid kind of steered me into the career I got into.

Comment: I'm running linux on a 8 core mac pro 2,1 w (Score 1) 592

by jerryjnormandin (#48855387) Attached to: Why Run Linux On Macs?
My MacPro was acquired through a "salvage pile" at work in 2010. After I fixed it by puchasing a new memory riser I increased RAM to 32gb because it was cheap at the time and the virtual machines I run could take full advantage of the 8 cores and memory. Mac OS hasn't been stable since 10.6.8 I upgraded to 10.7 in 2011, 10.8 in 2012, 10.9 in 2013, updated to 10.9.5 in 2014 -> Linux Mint 17 September 2014, Linux Mint 17.1 December 2014 I figured out how to run Linux bare metal on mac so I am running Linux Mint 17.1 on a Mac Pro 2,1 with 32gb ram, NVIDIA GTX 560 graphics card, and 8tb storage. I do lvm snapshots to a ESATA jbod for backups. Linux is 100% stable on Mac Pro. It hasn't crashed or locked up since the install on September 2014.

Comment: Makes me glad I run a vintage 8 core mac pro 2,1 (Score 1) 135

by jerryjnormandin (#48770621) Attached to: First OSX Bootkit Revealed
I modified the boot.efi to allow my old mac pro 2,1 to run Mavericks. I'm glad I never upgraded. My old mac with 32gb of ram is plenty fast enough.. make -j 20... all I have to say is wow this baby can compile code fast. I also have an NVIDIA GTX 560 graphics card and a vintage GT120 for boot selection. I picked another mac pro 8 core 2,1 on ebay and built up a 32gb8 core Linux beast running linux on bare mac metal. Now that I see thunderbolt is full of security holes I bet the next generation if macs will be locked down. I will never purchased locked down hardware.

Comment: that's what happens when you outsource! (Score 1) 230

Any operating system has security holes... unix/linux has less... and you take a security risk when you outsource or just hire newbies out of school. You need to hire people who have been at it a while, pay them what they are worth.. and hire newbies for the sr. system engineers to mentor. they get what they get. and java... well.. Oracle Sucks.. we all know that. You can code around it.. just code with security in mind, close all security holes. don't run external processes as a trusted user.

Comment: I will find an alternate service provider. (Score 1) 341

When comcast forced me to use a cable box (I was watching hd programming fine without it) I dropped my extended basic package with blast + and reduced to blast + and the old legacy package. I get most of my HD network programming over the air now. I really only have comcast now for internet access. when I get capped I will look for another provider.

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