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Comment Re:CRAP! I have one of those. (Score 5, Insightful) 301

diesel is different from gasoline. optimizing power and performance has a lot to do with fuel injection timing. We tested my 2014 TDI at a local shop. NOx was higher when tested with just a probe in the exhaust... when connected to the state inspection system you can smell the DPF regen cycle kicking (fuel is injected in the exhaust and ignited to incinerate ash collected in the DPF) in and the engine fuel injection timing changed. NOx was low. But injection on the early side results in performance loss and lower mpg.

Comment Re:Does this at least mean.... (Score 2) 301

I own one of the vehicles in the recall. It's test mode where DPF regen occurs more often and fuel is injected earlier in the powerstroke than normal for a hotter burn to reduce NOx. earlier in the power stroke results in less mpg and less performance. So I want a full refund. They committed fraud.

Comment Apology.. I want a full refund on my TDI (Score 2) 301

My 2014 TDI at 80mph in 6th gear and no traffic gets 56mpg. In moderate traffic @ 50 - 65mph I get no less than 42mpg. I am a gear head and I know you would need to adjust the fuel injection (no spark it's a diesel) to occur a little before the power stroke to get a hotter burn and reduce NOx. The problem is this will reduce performance and mpg.. both the main reasons why I bought a diesel tdi. I want my money back. once the ecu is updated to be EPA compliant the car will not perform as well and mpg not as good. I want a refund + tax , title, registration, +6% of sale to cover taxes on my new non VW vehicle purchase since I won't have a trade and be subject to full sales tax.

Comment Sugary drinks are your gateway to type II diabetes (Score 2) 663

Sugar + Phosphoric Acid = diabetes in a bottle. You are better drinking a home brewed ice tea with lemon / no sugar. Trust me .. I know. I've been borderline diabetic for a few years. It's the lifestyle of a Systems Engineer. When I was younger I performed many late night firmware updates to midrange servers and SAN hardware. What did I do to stay awake ? I did the Dew in mass quantities.. 2 litre bottles..Coca-Cola.. Bottom line. I'm glad I'm married and have a wife that made sure I went for my yearly physicals. Now.. no more soda for me. I only drink brewed ice tea, coffee, ice coffee (no sugar). Grilled salmon, steak tips.. nor much bread. Pretty much close to normal. Processed foods and sugary drinks are making a lot of people sick.

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