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Comment: Since when is Stupid the same as Contraversial? (Score 1) 639

Wow... this documentary is just plain stupid. We live in a tiny solar system way of in a "rural" burb... no where near the center. We are way out on the edge of the milkyway... not even near our own galaxy's center. As far as center of the Universe... I think the idiots don't know what the Universe is. Think of it as something smaller than anything you can imagine.... then a balloon expanding and expanding larger and larger and larger. Nothing exists outside of the Universe, the Universe encompasses everything.

Comment: It's more like google can't write code.. (Score 4, Interesting) 295

It's obvious that the google gui programmers just use windows or mac gui APIs and don't know how to code. Linux GPU code has been extremely stable. Maybe they can learn how to program from the folks at Steam ? LMAO The new Steam Appliance runs Linux. I use a GTX 560 in a MacPro 2,1 running linux on bare metal with NO ISSUES.

Comment: Stop Voting for the Pimps of Poverty. (Score 0) 212

Democrats got our Country in the shitter. They encouraged low income families to have lots of babies. Having a child actually got them a check from Uncle SAM. Families that were hardworking had smaller families. This is why Democrats now outnumber every body else. You don't have to be rich to be a Republican. I don't even think I would consider myself a Republican because they sold themelves out too. I would say I lean towards the Tea Party.

Comment: Re:"The GOP has only a few short years to prepare. (Score 1) 212

Our problem is lazy citizens looking for money > hardworking skilled people. We are now outnumbered. It took a while to get here. It's going to take a while to get out. Unfortunately I don't think it's going to happen in our lifetime.

Comment: Yes we are. There are processes .. (Score 1) 876

by jerryjnormandin (#46203407) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Are We Still Writing Text-Based Code?
There are plenty of processes that don't require graphics. Data batch processes, 3D rendering batch processes, network diagnostics, the list goes on and on. The only gui intensive application are end user desktop. There's much more to coding than just desktop applications.

Comment: science copying art ? (Score 1) 154

Now it could be possible to control an Avatar ? I really don't like the way this is going. We are losing our privacy. Now in a few generations even our thoughts won't be private ? I am all for learning how to build bionic limbs and controlling them... but mind an actual link from one brain to another individuals brain or cortex ? NO THANKS.

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