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Comment: Re:What about Omega Man? (Score 1) 531

by jerkyjunkmail (#22984406) Attached to: Charlton Heston's Impact On Sci-Fi
I've enjoyed what bits I have saw so far of Omega man but Omega man wasn't truly original either. It's based loosely of the book from 1954 titled I am Legend. From seeing the opening scenes of The Omega Man it appears as the creators of the I am Legend movie was giving a nod at The Omega man IIRC Heston is tearing around in a blue Mustang in the opening scene after crashing some other car. Smith was doing the same in a Red Mustang. Neither would be a reference to the book though since Neville swore by driving only Willys.
Internet Explorer

Microsoft Offers IE7 to All, Pirates Included 179

Posted by Zonk
from the so-generous dept.
sjdurfey writes "Microsoft recently decided to open up IE7 to all users of Windows, not just the ones with legitimate copies of Windows. They claim it is in the 'end-users best interest'. As a result, Microsoft has decided to mark IE7 as a 'High-priority' update. This is essentially a forced update. Granted, its only a forced update if you are running Windows and have windows update set to automatically install all updates, but nevertheless, it's unnecessary. You can however uninstall IE7 from the Add/Remove Programs menu after its been installed. 'A blocking tool kit is still available for companies and organizations that don't use Windows Server Update Services and want to permanently prevent IE7 from automatically installing on PCs equipped with IE6.'" Update: 10/06 21:19 GMT by Z :Sorry if this seems a bit familiar.

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