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Comment Re:What NDA? (Score 4, Informative) 366

No, they are not. At the moment you can only buy one if you are a registered developer and are willing to sign an NDA.

Not even that. They held a lottery for registered developers and gave the winning developers a developer kit. As a registered developer who was not selected for the lottery, I cannot even buy an early-access unit.

iFixIt signed up for that lottery and was picked to receive a developer kit. I remember when I signed up for the same kit, I did a very cursory skimming of the NDA and it was pretty explicitly stated that I wasn't allowed to publicly publish pictures or even publicly discuss the unit/software.

Comment Re:Becauese NEST is so good with devices (Score 1) 141

Are you speaking from experience? I own 5 Nest devices (4 Protects and a thermostat) and haven't had a problem with any of them (outside of short connectivity outages with the thermostat - which continued working normally, otherwise.) I've owned the thermostat since Christmas of 2011 and the Protects much less time (4 months), but have yet to experience a problem (and hopefully won't when I need it most.)

I'm not in an extreme climate where I am, but we see temps ranging from slightly below freezing to over 100F. There's generally a lot of complaining online when Nest has an outage, but I can deal with not being able to adjust my thermostat remotely during those short periods of time. I've never had a false alarm on my Protects, but I recognize they had some issues early on.

That's not to say that people haven't had problems, but it's not an "endless shitstorm of problems" for everyone.

Comment Re:Abduction (Score 1) 103

Since your dictionary is broken and mine is not:

obduction |bdkt()n| noun [ mass noun ] Geology
the sideways and upwards movement of the edge of a crustal plate over the margin of an adjacent plate. the granitic magmas formed when the ophiolite complex was obducted onto the continental margin.

Comment Re:Is it me (Score 1) 607

I think it's more similar to Windows Phone (which I think is the most aesthetically pleasing OS available on mobile.) The only thing that's kept me from switching to WP from iOS is the lack of apps and accessories. I bought a Windows Phone 7.5 handset, which I still have, but haven't used it for more than a month at a time (mail was the deal killer for me.)

Comment Re:Windriod Phone? (Score 1) 607

I'm all for it. Windows Phone is a great-looking OS (I think it looks better than any version of Android or iOS 6.x) with poor support from developers. Also, the new Yahoo Weather app is beautiful and has become my go-to weather app almost purely for aesthetics (and it doesn't hurt that they now use Weather Underground as a source for data.)

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