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The Internet

Google, Microsoft Cheat On Slow-Start — Should You? 123

Posted by Soulskill
from the reply-hazy-ask-again dept.
kdawson writes "Software developer and blogger Ben Strong did a little exploring to find out how Google achieves its admirably fast load times. What he discovered is that Google, and to a much greater extent Microsoft, are cheating on the 'slow-start' requirement of RFC-3390. His research indicates that discussion of this practice on the Net is at an early, and somewhat theoretical, stage. Strong concludes with this question: 'What should I do in my app (and what should you do in yours)? Join the arms race or sit on the sidelines and let Google have all the page-load glory?'"

Zoho Don't Need No Stinking Ph.D. Programmers 612

Posted by timothy
from the shoveling-it-on dept.
theodp writes "When it comes to tech academic credentials, Zoho CEO Sridhar Vembu has The Right Stuff: a Ph.D. in EE from Princeton. But Vembu has eschewed Google's Army-of-Ph.D.s approach to software development in favor of tapping into the ranks of high school grads who would not normally go to college for Zoho. Seeing his youngest brother succeed at programming without a college degree convinced Vembu that others could follow that example with the proper training and guidance. And studying the best employees in his own company led to another epiphany: 'What if the college degree itself is not really that useful?' thought Vembu. 'What if we took kids after high school, train them ourselves?'"

Guitar Hero 5 To Allow Duplicate Instruments, Easy Switching 43

Posted by Soulskill
from the let-the-drum-battles-ensue dept.
Activision confirmed the existence of Guitar Hero 5 last week, and now they've released details about some of the game's new features. Quoting 1Up: "... the new Party Play mode allows players to swap instruments and difficulties on the fly — even in the middle of a performance. You'll also be able to play Guitar Hero 5 with any combination of instruments, be it four drum kits, two microphones and two guitars, or any other possible configuration of four players." They also listed a few of the songs, which include "All Along the Watchtower" by Bob Dylan and "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash. Meanwhile, their music-game rival Harmonix has revealed the full set list for Rock Band Unplugged, coming out early next month for the PSP.

Comment: Re:Sometimes the simplest statement is the best (Score 4, Insightful) 703

by mvh (#26960119) Attached to: The Art of The Farewell Email

I would rather not burn bridges - you never know if you may want to work at a company where a previous co-worker is employed at. Leaving with grace is always better then leaving with attitude.

Indeed. This is certainly a case where honesty is NOT the best policy. Because I generally leave on good terms I've been offered consulting gigs with old employers and I get good recommendations. I also have been offered full time employment by former employers and former co-workers.


Pig Arrest

Posted by samzenpus
from the tooning-without-a-license dept.
The gritty side of the mascot lifestyle.

Comment: Re:Privacy Issues (Score 4, Interesting) 789

by jeremy_a (#13372745) Attached to: Google Releases GDS 2.0
>> What better way to rank a page's relevancy than by determining which links are chosen by the searchers for a given keyword or set of keywords?

> bad side effect...

> page 1 & 2 search results will firmly become engrained there by this method as everyone clicks on the top few results normally

That could be a problem if the results fed directly into the page rank. But it would seem more logical to use this to cull bad links from the top 10. If people consistenly ignore the first link for a particular search, but instead click on the second or third links, it would be a good indication that the top link isn't very good and should be moved down the list, which could in turn allow a new link to bubble up to the top 10.

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