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Comment: Bullshit (Score 0) 278

by jennatalia (#46552151) Attached to: Don't Help Your Kids With Their Homework
I did fine growing up, but me working with my younger brother on concepts helped him more at school and was a top-off on education more than anything. I'm sure my parents would have helped, but they were working. Showing kids how to get from A to B is a lot better than showing them the answers or doing it for them.

Comment: What's worse: chemicals or ignorance? (Score 0) 143

by jennatalia (#46254355) Attached to: Putting the Next Generation of Brains In Danger
Although chemicals are bad and may be able to break the blood barrier, that doesn't happen all over the world due to access to those chemicals. Ignorance, on the other hand, happens everywhere and can spread a lot easier. Inputs from family, society, and religious dogma all contribute. Too bad there wasn't a way to change some of that. Chemicals must be easier...

Comment: Gravity and other bonds--that's easy (Score -1) 665

by jennatalia (#46223965) Attached to: South Carolina Education Committee Removes Evolution From Standards
God's will. If it weren't for that, we'd all be dead. Who created the TV? God. Who makes rainbows? God. Who causes your boyfriend to cheat on you? Man's sin. Everything that is good and can't be explained through science is God's will. All the bad stuff is man's sin. Perfect sense.

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