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Comment That's crap (Score 0) 139

I knew a guy who was killed in a tornado. Scientists didn't warn anyone a tornado was going to be near him. All those scientists should be in jail. What about Hurricanes? Jail. What about floods? Jail. Lightning? Jail. ISIS? Jail. Ebola? Jail. Wal-Martians? Jail.

Comment Really? It had to come to this? (Score 0) 251

Many fisherman in the northeast are caught with overage amounts of lobsters and other catches outside of their licenses and they are forced to release their catches back to the sea. They may incur a fine as well, but no one goes to court or jail usually. The cops overreacted and he should have just been fined and required to release the Grouper back in the water instead of all of this mess. If the police tell you to take the bag of cocaine down to the precinct for processing instead of confiscating it and you just happen to lose it somehow, would that be obstruction too? The cops should have taken the fish if they were going to consider it evidence.

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