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by jellomizer (#47757111) Attached to: Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

GNU/Linux is the term for the standard Linux OS Distribution.
As opposed to Android and many of the other imbedded OS's that use the Linux Kernel.

If you are using an OS that is very Unix Like and is based on the Linux Kernel then it is probably GNU Linux, unless it is not using most of the GNU licensed tools.
cat, ls, mv, cp...

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by jellomizer (#47756887) Attached to: Why Do Humans Grow Up So Slowly? Blame the Brain

Wow! I can't believe such an ignorant comment was a +5 insightful.

1. The correlation between obesity and intelligence doesn't seem to have a connection. There is a stronger correlation between obesity and poverty and poverty with low test scores. But that is chaining a bunch of consolations together to come up with a faulty premise. You will need to compare Intelligence of Fat vs Skinny people in similar economic environments.

2. Obesity is a factor of over use of a nutrients, not a normal healthy usage. Just like too much of any nutrient will at some point be harmful, as it is more then the body needs. Humans in particular do crave sweets more then other animals, because we do need the sugar more then other animals. But to say if we eat a lot of sugar we will become taller and smarter is rather stupid, as out body needs to regulate it. Fat as well comes from having excess calories sugar and white carbs have a lot of empty calories. So while the good parts of the sugar may go to good use, when there is too much the calories will just add up.

Our body isn't about if a little is good for us then a lot must be better. However obese kids do tend to start puberty at a younger age, so the sugars may be causing parts of them to mature faster.

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I was thinking from the title it would be more about how Journalists who get killed gets so much more attention and call to action from both sides of the political spectrum, then say a Red Cross worker or the countless other civilian groups who are facing danger on a daily bases from these people.

If it were a religious (Say a Christian charity) group who had one of its members kills the right will be all angry about it, but the left would be mediocre. However if it was an organized non-religious not for profit group then the Left would raise the flag, while the right would just let it slide.

However when it is a Journalist, the side that no one really wants to piss off, then we get a strong call to action. It is really sad that there is so much disparity between people trying to do the right thing, and how much value they are to the public.

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For most non-violent offenders their crime often involves a loss of money or property from the victim.
The problem is often the offender has costed more damage then he could afford to repair. So how do you punish someone who had committed a crime but doesn't have the resources to make reparations?
That is why the Rich tend to get out of jail. They do a crime, but they just pay the fine and go home. The poor cannot pay the fine so the court decided that only thing they can really take away from him is his freedom for a period of time, so that is what they do.

Now this isn't fair, or justice. But there hasn't been much discussion on the alternatives. In the United States we have a law against Cruel or Unusual punishments, while on face value it is a good thing. However it does hinder innovation in penal justice.

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The thing is, companies will normally go the route that will maximize profit.
So if you were to pay the $230 for the Add free internet. Then how will that money be distributed. Per click, length of time on the page, the amount of data transferred to your system?

Depending how the content providers will get paid for their pages, they will modify their pages for maximum profit. Either making a lot of small pages (presentation) to maximize the clicks. Or make a long winded stories to maximize the time spend on the page. Or just download a lot of useless stuff (uncompressed images etc) to maximize download counts.

The add free internet of the Old. Was just a bunch of company billboards, or some interesting projects made by students. (In terms of web). Most of the stuff on the internet was FTP to download patches and free software from companies. Or hobbies from students whos ISP was being paid by their colleges, where you had a Telnet BBS or perhaps a gopher site.

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If BYOD is optional, Reimbursement isn't that bad of an idea. Having to carry two phones around is a pain. And if you BYOD then the company makes out as they don't need to pay for the full service, you make out because you can get the phone you want and not carry around a cheaper often bigger and bulkier phone.

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Did you even go to college?

1. Chances are he will be an Adjunct professor not a full professor. Adjuncts don't need a Doctorate they are normally students who are working on their PHDs but for the most part they are people with enough experience in the topic.

2. What the heck does being a Scientist have to be about teaching classes in Business Administration? Now the MBA program does have a lot of classes that talk about process management which uses a lot of Computer Science methods. However the MBA isn't a Science based study but a research/practical based study. MBA program is a lot about reading case studies and working to find better solutions.

3. Microsoft is one of the major software companies out there. Even under Balmers rule Microsoft performed rather well considering factors such as a major recession, shift away from desktop technologies, move towards cloud/web computing. A lot of disruptive influences could have killed Microsoft the last decade but the company is still a force to be reckoned with. It takes good leadership to keep such a large company going threw such issues.

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Part of the effort is trying to determine what systems are vulnerable during that time as well.

So we get the flaw released on day one, It will take a while to audit all the systems to make sure they are not vulnerable.

Health Care IT is complex, Mixing new technology with extremely out of date technology. You have a LOT of network traffic as all these systems needs to talk to each other. You are required by law to share the data and keep it private at the same time. Data sets are often in the millions of records.

Just going patching your systems blindly is open to disaster as you could cause a systems that is critical for maintaining life for a person to fail. These updates need to be scheduled with a fail plan in place.

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I think the problem with the Patent system isn't the idea of patents, but some factors that need to have them adjusted.

1. Patent Lifetime. 20 years is much too long in the technology industry. As technology is improving at an exponential rate. 20 years to hold onto a patents means by the time the patient expires, the technology is so old and out of date that it isn't useful any more. Back in the old days 20 years was enough for someone to get it in the market and make a good living off of it. When it was over then you can get others using it.

2. Too many obvious patents. Especially in software, We code new and interesting stuff every day, as our programs are meant to solve a new problem. Software patents should be reserved for some really ingenious stuff. Like advanced algorithms that the average coder will go, you know I might as well just download the library and implement vs having to figure it out myself and probably not have it work as well.

3. Lack of a good Non-Patent Protection legal mechanism. There isn't a way to register your idea officially, while not having the patent overhead, and if someone patents the same idea you can use your registration to prove yours is legit.

Remember the good old days, when CPU was singular?