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Comment: Languages preferences are so subjective. (Score 2) 256

by jellomizer (#48899529) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is Pascal Underrated?

For most cases the language is rather minimal on the impact.
The quality of the compiler and supporting libraries give performance. The IDE usually offers the ease and speed of development.

Sure some languages make some things easer then others, or makes it easier for the compiler or interpreter efficient.

But for the most part with language preference it is just about chest thumping to try to show who is the alpha geek.

Comment: Re:Translation: (Score 0) 156

by jellomizer (#48884739) Attached to: Surface RT Devices Won't Get Windows 10

Like they dumped CE
As well NT for the PowerPC and NT for the Alpha.

In short Windows isn't successful unless it is compatible with the decades of legacy stuff.

The reason why we are not all on 64bit windows is because we still may have some 16bit windows 3.1 apps that we cannot replace.

When Microsoft dominated they pushed developers towards non-cross platform development... So now they are forced to deal with back-assward compatibility.

Comment: Re:"Free" as in "free lunch" (Score 1) 142

Um yea...
I didn't see Microsoft file as a Not for Profit organization yet.

Right now Microsoft is just making sure existing customers don't jump ship, or worry about upgrading now, because the next OS will be out soon.

The (Desktop/Laptop) PC is no longer the sexy device (The area where Microsoft is king). However it is a big market and you don't want them to go off your platform soon, as they are your main bread and butter.
The (Tablet/Phones) Mobile Devices are the new trend however Microsoft is managing a far third place. With Google and Apple really giving them good competition. Right now for those who betted on Microsoft Mobile devices and many of them actually really do like their device, Microsoft needs to make sure they have a reason to stay.

Comment: Re:And we are back to them again... (Score 3, Insightful) 60

by jellomizer (#48876689) Attached to: The Untold Story of the Invention of the Game Cartridge

Yes a USB Flash Drive is more complex than a Cartridge, being that it is going threw a Universal Bus and is Read/Write (However Zelda use to be able to save data).
But compared to other forms of storage after cartridges downfall after the Nintendo 64. The USB Flash brings up many of the core Ideas of the Cartridge. A device that has no moving parts that is made to be constantly inserted and removed.

The Ford Model T is also very quite different than a Ford Mustang. But still they are classified as cars.

Comment: Re:This is Slashdot, not Politico (Score 1) 415

by jellomizer (#48876607) Attached to: Blogger Who Revealed GOP Leader's KKK Ties Had Home Internet Lines Cut

The problem falls the fact that someones internet connection was cut.

Back in the old days before the late 1990's when such technology such as Internet Access, Cell Phones, Using a Computer. Where domain of the geeks. Today everyone is using it, however a lot of the old school geeks didn't get the memo.

If back in school if I were to walk around with a PDA and/or a Cell phone, Laptop of a Pager. I would been labeled even more of an outcast. Today having such technology is trendy.

Comment: Re:Censorship? (Score 3, Insightful) 415

by jellomizer (#48876523) Attached to: Blogger Who Revealed GOP Leader's KKK Ties Had Home Internet Lines Cut

Well the person who you think is using "Right to Free Speech" to Vandalize someone's infrastructure that they too use to deploy free speech. So who is censoring who?

Free Speech doesn't mean every freaking action you do, because you want to send a message falls under free speech.

In that case those gangsters who shoot down those other gangsters to explain that this is their territory are in the right as well.

Comment: Cross Platform for Generic Apps. (Score 1) 307

by jellomizer (#48876213) Attached to: Blackberry CEO: Net Neutrality Means Mandating Cross-Platform Apps

I am a big fan of Cross Platform Application Development.
However these are for applications that do not really take the advantage of the platform.
Having made web apps for Blackberry then for iPhone and Android... things such as different screen dimensions, different input methods, additional features also come into play.

Even the fact that each System has a different sets of interface standards, that can come in to make your app look good or crappy

Comment: Re:But the inevitable (Score 4, Interesting) 165

by jellomizer (#48865437) Attached to: Time For Microsoft To Open Source Internet Explorer?

I remember IE 4 for Unix. They had IE 5 for Mac.

I think microsoft plan of isolating Linux from IE failed. Offering it to Linux may give it a few more years of life from it. As people will use IE for Linux to stick with those corporate intranets, that have been made in Front Page, or Visual Studio.

Comment: All those horrible coders from the 1990's (Score 1) 200

In the 1990's tech was big. So we hired any sap who had vague credentials to do the work. 100k a year to work in front page and call yourself a web developer. A bunch of hacks who worked in VB only and called themselves programmers. Creating an infrastructure where Systems Crashes were common and massive security holes.

2003 the tech bubble burst. Luckily a lot of the dead wood left, but then they went into real estate, where they rode that bubble, until it popped, due to inadequate work, and rushing for the fast buck.

What the employers need are high quality workers who care about their work. However there is a gap. Cheap H1B labor who are so cheap that you can just get your quality up by throwing more men in it, then there is the skilled person. Who will work up and go to bigger and better things. Because a small companies cannot afford a star performer.
But there isn't a good gap of dependable workers. Perhaps pushing for a 2 year program may fill that gap. Or it may just bring up the get rich quick group of people back in the 1990's

Comment: Re:Not "like Slashdot" (Score 2) 224

by jellomizer (#48865237) Attached to: Facebook Will Let You Flag Content As 'False'

Now nearly any story posting an opinion will get voted false. As there will be people disagreeing with each others facts.

Any articles about religion. Will be marked false from the atheists.
Any articles against religion. Will be marked false from all the religious.
The Right will mark false everything that is left leaning.
The Left will mark false everything that is right leaning.

Now granted it will be much more peaceful without a lot of this stupid bickering as most peoples opinions are worthless in the grand scheme of things. However once in a while a truly new piece of information may come out to inspire further investigation, and shouldn't be shut down so quickly because it doesn't immediately fit our world view.

Comment: Re:Wow... Just "no". (Score 3, Interesting) 203

by jellomizer (#48864401) Attached to: Sends Personal Data To Over a Dozen Tracking Websites

Give me a H
Give me an I
Give me a P
Give me an A
Give me an A

What does that spell HIPAA
What does that mean! The government should fine itself!

I think if the government needs to fine itself, they should refund the money back to the tax payers for services failed to render.

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