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Comment: Re: 1 thing (Score 1) 571

Not necessarily. If you factor in your bonuses from your current job.
How much the company chips in your 401k, how much for Health Care.... It adds up to your actual salary, not just your paid salary.
So if you were making 50k you can safely say with bonuses etc you were getting 75k.

Comment: Re:No don't it will only create notoriety (Score 3, Insightful) 82

For many of these folks, they don't see themselves as being the bad guy. But Innovative entrepreneurs, or activist for some cause.
They don't seem to realize, how much harm they are actually causing.

This notoriety, could be similar to the notoriety a sex offender has. Not of a lone rogue, fighting the good fight while bucking the system. But as that creepy guy who has access all your personal data, and will use it to profit off of it, and causing people like your grandmother to suffer, during their golden years.

Comment: Re:Of course it bombed (Score 2) 204

by jellomizer (#49813341) Attached to: Tron 3 Is Cancelled

Tron, Star Trek, Star Wars...
These were from different times, rebooting and adding sequels wile makes money, hurts the brand over time.

The charactors and plots become less relatable to newer generations.

Let's take Star Wars, today we relate more with the empire then with the rebels. With terrorist following extremist versions religions, the idea of a small band of Rebels fighting a winning against an army is more scary from our current point of view. We are no longer worried about the Communists with big nations sucking up other ones. We have a new sets of issues where we need a new set of science fiction universes to explore.

Comment: Re: Yes, but because (Score 1) 183

Sure some artist can make it. But that is because they have additional business skills other then their art skills. A great artist who cannot operate like a business will not succeed on their art alone, they will need help from some others in order to do such.

The classical artist were commissioned from nobility, or the church. Today you will need an agent or be diverse enough to deal with the bullshit to get your stuff sold.

The issue with music. Some music just cannot tour well (not all musians are attractive, dance, or have an appealing personality), and so they should make their money from selling recordings.

Comment: Re:other people's money (Score 1) 412

If you have a good policy. The money doesn't run out. Because it isn't spending money but investing it.

Say this project cost $10,000,000 a year, and it allows say 10,000 families to use these services that allows them to get jobs, or make an additional $10,000 a year additional funding. Then their taxes would go back to pay for the project, these people otherwise wouldn't be making the additional money, their income tax wouldn't be paying for such a service, as well they will need additional services such as food stamps and Medicare.

Policy that help people gain wealth, in general pay for themselves, even if not everyone can benefit from it, but a small portion can actually pay for such services. Thus not run out of money.

Comment: Re:Sure we can (Score 1) 686

by jellomizer (#49798189) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Happens If We Perfect Age Reversing?

Also being if we can live longer, that means we wouldn't be in as much of a rush to reproduce. There is a 20 year 20-40 where it is the most healthiest time to reproduce (for females) past that age there are complications. So there is pressure to get hooked up by those ages. If we can live biologically younger for longer. There isn't as much of a rush. So we can wait until we are in a stable life style, before having children, as well being that is less risky that the child would die, the urge to have multiple would be less.

Also eternal youth, isn't eternal life. We are exposed by random stuff that can kill us daily. Young people still get Cancer, they still get into accidents, They get ill. The longer you live, the higher chance that something will end up killing you.

Also if there is too much strain on resources, we will just end up fighting and killing each other off.

Comment: Re:Hilarious! (Score 4, Insightful) 220

by jellomizer (#49798101) Attached to: Chinese Nationals Accused of Taking SATs For Others

I don't think the SAT is really that useful of a test. However colleges seem to use them for entrance criteria, as a number is easier to evaluate than judging a person on the whole.
But if they are willing to cheat on the SAT test to get in, I don't think colleges really want people of such questionable moral caliber to enter the school.

My experience with Chinese students, this isn't too surprising, they are far more willing to cheat, than take the consequences of getting a low grade. That is why when they show statistics showing where China is succeeding, I really question it, because their culture seems to want to win, with the actual objectives of the grading as not important. A Sr.Year computer science major the student was the curve breaker on the tests. Went to me asking how in C++ can he use decimal numbers (the answer was using the float data type, which we learned about on day 3 in the freshman class, and had used such a data type all threw the program. Made me realize, this student was either cheating technically (threw nefarious methods), or cheating himself (Only test prep, once the test is done, it brand dumps out of the system). Because in anything practical he was useless.

Comment: Being Number 1 may = less progress. (Score 2) 272

If you are competing to be #1 there are two strategies.
Make sure you perform better than the rest.
Make sure the rest performs worse than you do.

If your goal is to be #1, the easier strategy will be the one taken.

If say the US is more focus on just advancing then being #1 then our efforts will be to build up other countries, and at the same time we will grow much further.

Comment: The problem is the doctors. (Score 0, Offtopic) 119

by jellomizer (#49780831) Attached to: Insurer Won't Pay Out For Security Breach Because of Lax Security

Health care system give too much power to the Doctors, and they get their hands into everything. They figure because they went to medical school they seem to be an expert on all thing. But because they are in such a position of power other non-clinical departments need to kiss up to them. We can get a 5 minute pitch to say why we may think it may be a bad idea (usually out of the blue as it becomes a surprise change) but if it technically can be done it will end up having to be implemented. And they want it now with no patients for testing, and way too cheap to setup a good testing environment.
Then we have issues because we were forced to implement a bad design, then it is a case those IT guys screwed up again! Even the fact it mostly worked is a near miracle that it even works.

We can have better and safer health care IT if the doctors shut up and take what we make for them. They can state there problems on the high level, but they will nitpick into a crap system.

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