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by jellomizer (#47962919) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 8 a Pig?

How does slow not make it operate properly?

I guess it comes down too if you want the features or speed

IOS 7 was the last OS for the iPhone 4
iOS 8 is the last for the 4s
I expect the following for the future...
iOS 9 for the 5
iOS 10 for the 5s / 5c
iOS 11 for the 6
iOS 12 for the 6s ...

If you want good performance don't upgrade to the last cycle.

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by jellomizer (#47949501) Attached to: Native Netflix Support Is Coming To Linux

Well you could stop blindly following such a strict definition of free software.

DRM is hear and it is going to stay.
Back in the analog days. We had tape for VHS. Sure you can copy it. But after 2 or 3 copies of copies the quality degrades. So to mass share VHS movies ends up being costly with poor quality over generations.

Then we had CD's where at the time they held more data then you could really fit on your drive. So you had non-DRM data however because you couldn't store it on something other then other CD's which were costly in themselves. As well would take hours to download.

Today with the internet and modern computers we can ship and store massive amounts of data there. In Economic terms digital data has nearly infinite supply thus making its cost to $0.00.
However to make such data costs money, so safeguards to artificially limit supply to keep prices higher are implemented aka DRM.
Now what would happen if there wasn't DRM.
Netflix would still be shipping you DVD in the mail, you will have to buy all your music on CD's. They would probably even stop CD's and push Records or Tape. As to prevent digital copying.

The fact that for $10.00 a month you get unlimited movies off of Netflix is actually a big gain. And we have to thank DRM for that. Otherwise big companies will not go digital as it will produce too many units and they would be giving it away at a cost.

Comment: If you want a Diet avoid Diet food. (Score 5, Interesting) 292

by jellomizer (#47935761) Attached to: Study Finds Link Between Artificial Sweeteners and Glucose Intolerance

I have lost 75lbs. Part of it was exercise, and the other part is cutting out Diet food from my Diet.
If I want something sweet, I eat something with Real Sugar.
If I want something fattening then I will eat something fattening, like with real butter.

I am not about organic and all natural. But you should focus more on foods that you know of. They will tend to fill you up and stop the craving.
Diet food, doesn't fill you up or solve your craving. So you eat more of it.

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I agree,
but I think overall as the characters mature in the show, they become less awkward over time.
With the exception of Sheldon, where I kinda wish they would just come out and state that the character is autistic at some level. Instead of just making him a super scientist who needs to make all these trade-offs in his personal life to be there.
While I do not fall on the recorded Autism spectrum. The way they make Sheldon would be very insulting to people with these problems.

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I am curious on why Tovalds opinion on systemd really matters.
I congratulate him for his work on the Linux Kernel, He made a really good OS, and put enough effort and skill to keep a strong team of developers focused.
However that doesn't make him an expert in all thing. Even all things related to the OS he had pivotal to create.

The systemd argument is about methodology not technology. It is the same as most political redirect. Two groups with a different vision of an end goal, taking different approaches to get there.

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The Government Bidding process for services is corrupt by design.
You can make bid for service.
Then you have stipulations which weigh it in a companies favor, not because they are required for the job, but to write the contract for the company.

I have seen State Bids for services for a Web Site. Which has odd requirements, such as 20+ years in COBOL, 10+ Years in RPG, 3 Years of HTML, 2 Years of ASP.NET
When you see these contracts you know they are for a particular person they want to keep on board.

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My main issue is we are entering a post desktop world. (No the desktop isn't dyeing, but it isn't the center of our computing world)
So we need the following.
1. A platform to create moble apps.
2. Being able to create these apps on different systems.

It is actually very lame to have to have a Mac to build an iOS app. You really should be able to do it on at least the Big three OS Windows,Mac,Linux. Because we are not desktop centrist anymore and people will go around with different Desktops and OS's freely.

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The biggest issue with a lot of of the home grown Open Source Apps, is getting past the dreaded 80% complete mark.
This is the point in the program where all the interesting proof of concepts and interesting algorithms are all set. However that last 20% is a lot of the detail fine tuning that really puts all the pieces in play.
This last 20% mark when it no longer becomes fun, is where the project looses steam and sometimes dies off.
Having a company putting money towards development with management and direction and all those MBA Buzzwords basically means we push the developers to get that last 20% done.
But of course if they are pushing to get that set done, and are putting in resources to help that, it is going to be their vision of 20% not necessary yours.

I know a lot of the Open Source people have this Anti-Corporate everything mind set... However to make it in the world there needs other sources of motivation other then just feeling good.

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Analog Data fairs better when it isn't touched, every read could damage it a bit, and copying a copy of a copy using analog methods will degrade its content.

For digital data, it wants to be moved around.
The more you copy and move digital data the better it is.
Raid Disks makes sure you have a couple of copies.
You post it the cloud and it will last longer.
You could get fancy and have a backup method that copies your data from one drive to an other. When it fails you swap the drive out with a new one.

A bug in the code is worth two in the documentation.