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Comment: Re:Scam's Already Been Stopped (Score 1) 268

You could do that...
However if they do check out the forgery they will probably treat you like a shoplifter.

I have no love for Walmart. But part of the reason why companies treat the customer like they are criminals is because too many are.

It is one thing to steal food to feed your family if you can't afford it. But a play station?

And no Fat Tony defense.

Comment: Re:Hindsight is 20:20 (Score 1) 493

by jellomizer (#48428075) Attached to: What Would Have Happened If Philae Were Nuclear Powered?

A massive megaton explosion (As we found out that comets are harder then we thought) Blasting a gigantic creator wiping out thousands if not millions of people. You are worried about a little bit of radioactive waste?

I would have been more, if we only used Nuclear energy so we knew more about this object so we know what type of danger it poses if it actually hit the earth.

Comment: Re:Here's the deal (Score 1) 215

by jellomizer (#48410677) Attached to: Do Good Programmers Need Agents?

However the company will be willing to pay a bit more to cover the agent cost to cover the risk of hiring a new employee.

Really the difference between an Agent and a head hunting firm, is that the agent should be having some credibility behind his name for offering quality workers.
So even if you are good at negotiating say you think you should be getting 250k a year. However most business will not be willing to hire you because, while your resume looks good with glowing references. You are still a risk. If there is an agent and he may get 50k for your job. The company may be happy to pay that amount if they know they will actually get a good worker.

Comment: Re:Can someone expolain what's so great about HTML (Score 2) 133

by jellomizer (#48409657) Attached to: HTML5: It's Already Everywhere, Even In Mobile

Back in the good old days. We had a data format that was in essence a memory dump of the system. So the data will only work with one application and sometimes on the same OS and hardware (Endianness).
Then we started to get some open format solutions such as Postscript, LaTex which allowed for cross platform and software sharing of data. HTML got popular mostly due to it compatibility with flat text. Simple commands and the fact that you could link to an other document. This linking feature ment you could dig further in a document.
They added more features including images more formatting then JavaScript was a bit of a hack added in for client side processing.
So now we have apps that we access online and we really don't care if you are using windows, macs, tablets, phones, or plan9. The browser follows the standard and gives you the output.

Java was an attempt at this concept too, hovever many apps that we call webpages today would be too much work to code in Java.

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by jellomizer (#48387277) Attached to: Researchers Develop $60 Sonar Watch To Aid the Visually Impaired

Echo location isn't about removing the blind persons need for a cane, even with people who are good at it are still recommended to use a cane because things like grates, poles, or holes do not work well with echo location. As the sound passed threw it and back.
What it does mean is with the aid of a cane and the watch they will be able to move more quickly with more assurance that there isn't something big going to be in the way.

Comment: Re:Or just practicing for an actual job (Score 1) 319

by jellomizer (#48379505) Attached to: Duke: No Mercy For CS 201 Cheaters Who Don't Turn Selves In By Wednesday

Yes it would be.
However if the point was teaching nested loops and you gave the simple loop answer. You may have gotten points for being clever. However the actual point was about teaching how to use loops.

An other example is a program to say power a number. This can be done via a loop or really small with recursion.

Comment: Re:Step one. (Score 1) 162

by jellomizer (#48377635) Attached to: Linux Foundation Comments On Microsoft's Increasing Love of Linux

Because every successful tech company keeps the same business model for over 30 years!
Lets face it.
The Desktop Business isn't where the money is anymore. The Desktop is a dying idea. It is shifting towards Servers,Workstations, and Mobile.

New applications take more advantage of the Web Standards, and less of OS dependent technologies. (With the key exceptions of heavy processing systems (Such as CAD, Games, Simulations, Programming)
The nice thing about following web standards for Web Applications your program is in essence write once run everywhere.

Comment: Re:Or just practicing for an actual job (Score 2) 319

by jellomizer (#48368317) Attached to: Duke: No Mercy For CS 201 Cheaters Who Don't Turn Selves In By Wednesday

I don't think it is a case of regularly. But it happens a few times per month.
But there is a big difference in doing this for your work and doing it for school.

If you are doing this for work, your goal is to get the computer to solve the problem.
For school your goal is to learn how to get the computer to solve problems.

For Example a CS101 student will have a nested for statement that displays a triangle in text.
The point of the exercise isn't about having a triangle to appear. But to teach and impress the ideas of nested loops.
Now if you take the code:

for i in range(10):
    st = ""
    for j in range(i):

For a someone new to the topic. You wouldn't have realized that you needed to reset your string in the correct level of the looping. The real learning isn't about getting the program right, but finding all your mistakes in the process. Just copying the code so you got it done you failed to learn. You just completed the assignment.

Now for professional work you goal is to get the assignment done, and they really don't care if you learned something new or not. So just as long as you got that triangle even if you had a...


they really don't care.

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by jellomizer (#48359631) Attached to: Worrying Aspects of Linux Gaming

It is a Server OS and a Work Station OS.
I am talking about GNU/Linux base distributions not Android and other OS's that happen to use the Linux Kernel.

Gaming is never a big priority in Linux because gaming on Linux tends to stick at the novelty factor, but rarely gets serious. Sure we talk about Steam... But that is only one company, and for the most part their main reputation is releasing niche indie games.

Next you have the GNU community vocal nuts. Gaming doesn't bode well with Open Source. They take a lot of work, with a lot of talented people to make, with a lot of stuff that isn't fun. So they are expensive to make, as well because they are entertainment programs, people feel less charitable with their effort and are more out to make money with it. So you port to Linux then you get a small set of GNU nuts demanding you release your code. You are better off sticking to Windows or Macs and live well in the walled garden.

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