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Comment: Re:Encryption done right isn't simple... (Score 1) 116

by jellomizer (#49447391) Attached to: 'Let's Encrypt' Project Strives To Make Encryption Simple

Yes it will.
OK you want to encrypt a file. You find instructions and you follow each step correctly you got a encrypted system.
Now following steps is stuff a computer can do. You need humans to do things a little more creative. So it makes sense that you have a simpler process for this. That does all the non-simple things in a few commands.

Comment: Re:And it's not even an election year (Score 1) 407

From my own observations there is no shortage of american tech workers. However there seems a shortage of people who can write appropriate job requirements for the jobs that they are trying to fill.

Job for tech workers make a lot of huge mistakes.
1. Trying to replace the person not the position. So the guy left for bigger and better things... If you make your requirements to match the guy who left, you will not find any people... Because those who do have the requirements are looking for bigger and better things too.

2. Thinking your vendors names are bigger then the are. So you got "UltramegaSaaSEngine v.5.32 Cloud edition". It may be a great tool for your organization. But if you are trying to find people who will put it on their resume, you are out of luck. There will be some training involved, you can't expect to find someone with that experience.

3. Make sure you have the correct titles: You want a software architect, you are willing to pay an architect salary. You post position Software Developer. You get a bunch of resumes from under qualified people, because the title sounds like a good fit. People looking for Architect jobs will just glance over it, and go to the next page. Going the opposite direction too Making the job sound too high end, means you will get a lot of people who will be requesting a lot more money for the position you really need to fill.

4. Be reasonable on years of experience. 3 years experience with Windows Server 2012? That is a tough to fill position, as you expect most people not to upgrade all their servers to the new windows version overnight. Or finding someone with a decade experience in some language that just got popular a few years ago.

5. Do not be education snobs. I have seen jobs requiring a PHD for Bachelors level computer science work. Or the fact that professionally years of experience may counteract advanced degrees. Also the PHD will not take these jobs as it is beneath them. Tech in general has a lot "Street Smarts" skill, so that high school dropout may out perform that guy who just got his masters.

6. Post the position you want to fill. When you find someone who seems to fit the bill, call them and get the process going. I have had cases where I post my resume in, then a year or so later I get a call wanting to talk, by then I may have gotten my Promotion or started a new job and want to plant myself for a while.


Comment: Re:Or a simple solution. (Score 3, Interesting) 95

by jellomizer (#49437515) Attached to: Microsoft Creates a Docker-Like Container For Windows

Vs. a bunch of people afraid to apply the patch of openSSL in fear that it would break all the applications in one swoop
of having up Update Open SSL on ever virtual system that is running a different application?

Compared to a few decades ago. Package update systems have gotten much better.
So the package system will know that Application A, B, C, D use OpenSSL and there is an open SSLPatch and Application A, B, C, had verififed that it worked, so A,B,C will get the push to fix those parts.

I stated no Shared Libaries, or DLL... I didn't say we can't use libraries. They are just not shared across the entire OS.

Comment: Re:Or a simple solution. (Score 1) 95

by jellomizer (#49437423) Attached to: Microsoft Creates a Docker-Like Container For Windows

How is having your config file in a config subdirectory off your application so horrible.

The registry is a bad design. Prone to single point of failure.

So you want to configure your apache settings go to /usr/apache/etc
To run the program go to /usr/apache/bin

You can use proper conventions to prevent a lot of issue that we had in DOS days where the settings were mixed in different areas.

Comment: Re:Please.... (Score 1, Insightful) 489

by jellomizer (#49437335) Attached to: The Courage of Bystanders Who Press "Record"

People get scared. When they are scared they will often do stupid things.
Fight or Flight kicks in. Lets say someone has some unpaid parking tickets (they can't afford them), they get pulled over, they know they are going to jail, going to jail will cause him to lose his job so he will be in more stress.... Having to deal with the police facing such stresses can cause Fight or flight to kick in... So they will either try to run, they are not thinking that they will get away, or that they will get caught, their body is just telling them that they are in serious danger and they need to run, the other option may be the person will fight the officer, still not thinking if they will win or not, it is their primal instincts kicking in.

Now when someone pulls over one of our middle class folks. We may have gotten the same parking tickets, but we paid them off, perhaps it prevented us from getting a new video game or eating out for a few nights. So when we get pulled over we are not stressing about getting arrested we are just annoyed that we got caught. So we are not in fight or flight, for the most part we are just calm about it.

What you call thugs, isn't thuggery, but the fact that we haven't done a good job at culturally integrating groups together. So there are distinct cultures going on, with unique mannerisms, and acceptable and inappropriate behavior. And for people who don't get that they will often see the other side as threatening.

Comment: Re:Systemic and widespread? (Score 2) 489

by jellomizer (#49437205) Attached to: The Courage of Bystanders Who Press "Record"

The problem has always been, who polices the police.
We take kids out of high school (More often than not, the personality is someone who wants the power and authority, vs wanting to protect and serve), give them military like training which can curve some of their impulsive tendencies... however at the same time insure if they need to use force it is more affective.
We give them extra power and authority, however we pay them civil servant salaries.
We place them in areas where day to day they see the worst of humanity, and they are usually without a partner.
Because the local governments don't want to raise taxes, they make laws that force citizens to be criminals, so they must pay high fines, to balance the budget. Then they pressure the police to keep the quota up.

In general they are placed in an environment where crossing the line gets really easy.

The other police will sympathise, even the good ones. So they will more often than not protect themselves (keep it in the family). So bad behavior will not be discouraged to a useful extent.

So who is to police the police? Well it is up to the citizens to keep vigilance on the police. And the citizens now have technology to do this. So just like that patrol car behind a bridge is ready to pull you over for speeding, there could be a citizen with a camera making sure his actions are just.

Comment: Or a simple solution. (Score 4, Insightful) 95

by jellomizer (#49436533) Attached to: Microsoft Creates a Docker-Like Container For Windows

The is to solve the problem is simple. Keep the apps self contained. No shared libraries or dll.
To move the package you just move the directory containing the app to an other location.
Some will say that is how Macs do it. But I would go further and say that is how it was done in DOS.
The shared library is an out of date concept, while sounds good when storage was expensive, today we are virtualizing full platforms just to prevent version incomparably.
What may be a little bonus is to give application/process level networking settings so you can just virtual network your app from the OS

Comment: Re:For anything you should keep it reasonable (Score 1) 304

by jellomizer (#49432863) Attached to: Obama Says Climate Change Is Harming Americans' Health

Climate change has a larger population including a lot of more moderate people. It isn't just Right vs Left. There are a lot of people who are just sick of hearing that everything that we do is bad. Climate change evidence is only really shown in complex statistical numbers. Where I live this winter was cold, last summer was very mild.... There isn't smog and a lot of fresh air... It doesn't look like I am getting affected by it.

Oddly enough Bush Jr. was the best president to slow down global warming.
He caused gas prices to shoot way up, so people needed to find more fuel efficient cars.
Threw the population into a great recession meaning people will not have as much access to burn carbon.

Comment: Re:Easy grammar (Score 1) 624

But for it to replace English... We would need a bunch of radical nuts who only speak it take over the world in a military action.
English is considered the common language of trade because those crazy brits a few hundred years ago expanded their empire around the world, and in general forced the population to speak their language, as a way to keep them in civilization. Sure the british empire had declined. But we have the Untied States of America (a former british colony) a Superpower which still pushes its influence and language.

Comment: Over exaggeration = fodder to the climate deniers. (Score 3, Insightful) 304

by jellomizer (#49430211) Attached to: Obama Says Climate Change Is Harming Americans' Health

I know Obama is trying to call people to action, and is pulling the "Think of the children" routine. However...
Making it a health risk is pushing it. And the climate deniers will point out to these dangers as proof the Climate Change is an invention of the liberals as a means to scare the nation so they can take away our rights.

Yea it sounds stupid to me too... But for climate change, you should keep your expectations on a reasonable prediction, because if it doesn't hold true, then they are going to get you.

"Say yur prayers, yuh flea-pickin' varmint!" -- Yosemite Sam