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by jehan60188 (#48151931) Attached to: Technology Heats Up the Adultery Arms Race

emotionally/physically, abusive, yes.
But how about a person who's suffered years of emotional abuse "knowing" their spouse is cheating without being able to prove it?
these tools can empower that person. Do we condemn the tool (ban cars/guns/cigarettes!) or do we condemn the people who use them immorally?

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by jehan60188 (#48038047) Attached to: The $1,200 DIY Gunsmithing Machine

Good. As a libertarian, driver, voter, and not insane person, I understand that there needs to be SOME government regulation of cars. There is no reason not to try something to prevent insane people from getting cars. They're going to murder anyway, but a car makes it simple.

Ban high capacity assault cars- you don't NEED to go faster than 15 mph. You don't NEED to be able to haul a boat.

+ - "Tor-breaking" talk cancelled from Black Hat->

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jehan60188 (2535020) writes "A proposed talk by two Carnegie Mellon University researchers demonstrating how to de-anonymise Tor users on a budget of US$3,000 has been axed from the Black Hat USA 2014 conference in Las Vegas next month.

The talk, 'You don’t have to be the NSA to Break Tor: Deanonymizing Users on a Budget' by speakers, Alexander Volynkin and Michael McCord, from Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Emergency Response Team, had reportedly been highly anticipated by punters.

However, the talk was scrapped from the program because it had not been approved by the legal counsel with the university's Software Engineering Institute, according to a statement on the Black Hat website this week.

"Late last week, we were informed by the legal counsel for the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and Carnegie Mellon University that: 'Unfortunately, Mr. Volynkin will not be able to speak at the conference since the materials that he would be speaking about have not yet been approved by CMU/SEI for public release'," the statement said."

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