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Comment: Re:If that's not playing God, (Score 1) 206

by jegerjensen (#36348188) Attached to: CERN Ups Antimatter Confinement Record to 15+ Minutes
In fact there is an accelerator built specifically to produce antimatter: the Antiproton Decelerator which supplied the anti-protons to the ALPHA experiment. Also, its a bit funny that you seem to forget that the ALPHA project built their equipment specifically to produce and store anti-atoms.

Comment: Re:The Slashdot system seems to work pretty well (Score 1) 393

by jegerjensen (#36080280) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Going Beyond Comment Threads?
Regardless of the percentage of slashdotters based in the US, I think it is pretty safe to say that the discussions are almost always framed in terms of a US perspective. Looking no further than your own post, you'll notice how you use the term "American" as a synonym to US citizen, ignoring 77% of the continent. In other threads, you'll see global issues discussed in light of "The Constitution" and statements are routinely classified as Democratic, Republican or Libertarian. Even if the US-based slashdotters are not in a majority, they have the hegemony.

Comment: Re:Untrue (Score 0) 95

by jegerjensen (#33697376) Attached to: Scientists Confirm Nuclear Decay Rate Constancy

They found (weak) evidence of change. In order to confirm constancy, they would have to find significant evidence of no change.

This is not accurate. In the paper, the authors state that they are not able to conclude, so they suggest that more precise measurements are needed. Moreover, it is not possible to prove that there is no change by experiment. One can only demonstrate the effect, or determine an upper limit for it.

Comment: Re:So really... this means? (Score 1, Interesting) 95

by jegerjensen (#33697200) Attached to: Scientists Confirm Nuclear Decay Rate Constancy
The constancy of nuclear decay rates is a fundamental assumption for our understanding of stellar processes, big bang theory and the like. If someone can prove a deviation, it will break just about every cosmological model. If they had found a deviation, the implications could be comparable to what Copernicus did, so I believe this does mean something for the "normal human"...

Comment: That happened thanks to OpenOffice (Score 0) 145

by jegerjensen (#31071776) Attached to: Study Says OOXML Unsuitable For Norwegian Government
When Microsoft suddenly saw the need for a nynorsk version of Office after ignoring it for 20 years or so, it was because OpenOffice had already been translated. For a very short while, OpenOffice was the only legal option for schools. Its a great example of the leverage FLOSS can provide when wrestling with a monopolist.

Comment: Re:The Grotesquely Ugly Truth (Score 0, Troll) 313

by jegerjensen (#30339974) Attached to: Iranian Crackdown Goes Global
I sincerely detest your conclusion. It is also based on a fallacy, as there is no "absence of an external interfering force".

Your belief that Eastern Europe developed democracy without external influence shows your total ignorance about recent European history. Eastern Europe has received massive funding from the EU to build infrastructure and ensure economic development. Equally important is the political and economic integration across Europe, and the military strength of the USA that brings stability and a sense of security. The democratization of Eastern Europe is the result of determination and massive investments, and this is by the way the norm. Think about how the US treated Germany and Japan after WW2.

Those examples are in stark contrast to the how Iran has been influenced from the outside. Both the USA and USSR opted to support both sides of the Iran-Iraq war
Meaning simply that a conflict in the middle east was in the interest of both super powers, playing divide and conquer. Or was that also because of some cultural phenomenom?

To state that culture is the ultimate force in political developments is simply naive. Not only naive, it is dangerous. People like you scare me.

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