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Comment: We get cancer because we have linear DNA (Score 1) 174

by jeff4747 (#47725779) Attached to: New Research Suggests Cancer May Be an Intrinsic Property of Cells

The enzymes that copy DNA need a little bit of DNA past where they are "writing" to hang on to. As a result, the enzymes fall off before they reach the end of our linear DNA. Every single time one of your cells replicate, it loses a little DNA.

Eventually, you're going to cut off something important. Like genes regulating cell division.

Comment: Well, now I know I don't need to read the book. (Score 1) 27

Thanks to this part:

In chapter 10, the book details how Iraqi insurgents viewed Predator drones video feeds. Woody Allen said that eighty percent of success is just showing up. In this case, all the insurgents had to do was download the feed, as it was being transmitted unencrypted. Very little cyberwarfare required.

When the drone was being designed, the designers used security by obscurity in their decision not to encrypt the video feed. They felt that since the Predator video feeds were being transmitted on frequencies that were not publicly known, no access control, encryption or other security mechanisms would be needed.


First, the Predator's video feed was not encrypted because encryption software and keys are classified. As a result, sharing those keys with coalition forces requires a mountain of paperwork. And sharing with one country doesn't mean you can share with another, leading to even more approvals.

Second and more importantly, encrypting the feeds also requires frequently updating security keys for soldiers in the middle of a war zone. That's not a very good idea, since soldiers can be cut off, and encryption gear can be captured.

Finally, encryption is of little value for the information in the data feed - the enemy forces are well aware of where they are, and will learn very shortly that they were being targeted.

Comment: Re:Free points! (Score 1) 667

by jeff4747 (#46554935) Attached to: Creationists Demand Equal Airtime With 'Cosmos'

So you claim "paying attention" is a means to avoid being born with a genetic disease.

Also, the law made a liar out of Obama. Either he didn't know and lied because he wasn't told about the details and content of the law or he knew and he's exactly as evil and deceitful as people believe.

Well, we've already established you're a moron for thinking "being careful" means you won't be born with a genetic disease. Or develop cancer.

The reason you're a moron here is the reason those people couldn't "keep their plan" is they already dropped their old plan. Insurance companies routinely re-write the plan every single year, which creates a new insurance plan. These upset people were already on a new plan after the deadline for keeping your old plan passed.

The only thing Obama should have done is included "And your insurance company wants to offer it" to the quote.

And what do I get for my trouble of paying for affordable healthcare I never used for all these years? QUADRUPLE THE RATE. Thanks a lot Obamacare.

Given your poor reasoning skill so far, I'm going to guess that your nice, cheap plan actually sucked. Probably covered almost nothing with a very low lifetime cap. The kind of plan that people think is a great deal until they get unlucky and have to really use it.

Comment: Re:Why is it people utterly ignore history? (Score 1) 578

by jeff4747 (#46474323) Attached to: White House: Get ACA Insurance Coverage, Launch Start-Ups

And instead you cherry pick one small aspect of one industry that you feel supports your opinion.

It's called "an example".

Interest rates are one thing that many people easily recognize. And many states cap interest rates much lower than South Dakota or Delaware.

There's also other aspects of those state laws that favor banks over consumers. For example, you're not allowed to sue. Instead, you get binding arbitration. Nevermind that the arbitration system is set up by the banks, so the job of the person "hearing your case" is dependent on the banks.

Comment: Re:I went back to corporate America because Obamac (Score 1) 578

by jeff4747 (#46474259) Attached to: White House: Get ACA Insurance Coverage, Launch Start-Ups

It's the case for every plan you looked at. It's in the law.

the insurance on most of these plans seem to only pay about 70% tops of the bills.

Until you hit the out-of-pocket cap. That cap varies by plan, with the "higher" metals having a lower cap.

Unfortunately, the complexity of the plans means there is no universal "this is your cheapest option" plan.

For very healthy people, a bronze plan will probably be cheapest.

For people who see a doctor regularly, a silver plan will probably be the cheapest - lower co-pays, deductible and out-of-pocket cap. So they will pay less overall even though they pay more for the insurance.

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