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Comment: Re:GIT? (Score 1) 238 238

Yes, but my experience was that merge conflicts in Word docs were frequent and painful to resolve. So we introduced a 'lock before edit' convention for Word docs (and same could be said for any file not edited as text).

Merge conflicts in tables are bad enough, and that's fairly basic functionality. Good luck with merging changes to embedded media.

Comment: Re:Beware of Microsofties bearing gifts (Score 1) 535 535

I'm impressed how neatly you covered special cases like turkey airfreight and turkey jetpacks.

In other news, I once saw a peacock fly ten metres straight up and perch in a tree when confronted by a boisterous dog. Didn't expect that.

Comment: Re:IF you have TONS of RAM (Score 1) 267 267

Getting into semantic subtleties here... if you've got a huge DRAM-based disk (that is, an SSD with DRAM instead of flash), that for whatever reason couldn't donate its capacity as system memory, then that's a superb place to put a page file.

But then, it wouldn't be a RAM disk. A RAM disk lives in system memory.

Comment: Re:TrulyErgonomic (Mechanical, Ergonomic) (Score 1) 165 165

That's somewhat similar to my TypeMatrix, but also a bit different. I'd like to try one.

My experience of the TypeMatrix is generally very positive. However, I find the placement of the '5' and '6' keys to be just too different from a standard keyboard, which made for a steep learning curve and ongoing difficulties switching between TypeMatrix (for my desktop) and regular (for my laptop).

Comment: Re:Angle Your Hands ... and ... (Score 1) 165 165

Thanks, also came here to suggest an alias for 'ls -l', since that's the worst of the dvorak pinky workouts I've experienced.

On the cut/copy/paste front, I have a numeric keypad positioned on the left of my keyboard, with those commands mapped to 4/5/6, plus a heap of other commands besides. This makes mousing a two-handed activity, just as Doug Engelbart intended.

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