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Comment Re: Brought about by the internet? (Score 2) 626

Sure they are. Otherwise, you don't have a populace that can freely participate in democracy. If any form of heresy is tolerable, then the powers that be can just redefine it in a way that suits them.

The whole effort is naieve.

The problem with the Nazis is not that they "said things" but that they "did things" which should have been prosecuted as crimes when they happened.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 665

Nothing that Poettering is doing now addresses "The problem".

That's any of the usual FUD that are claimed to be problems for actual consumer end users. That is perhaps the single most frustrating aspect of his current nonsense. He's insisted on making sweeping changes to the parts that don't need fixing and are the least relevant to "the problem".

Comment Re:All bullshit (Score 1) 255

>> The answer is, they were unable to prove that the sex was not consensual. That's not quite the same as saying that the sex was consensual.

> In MRA-land, they're identical.

The presumption of innocence isn't just a "bad idea from MRA-land", it also happens to be the law.

Comment Re: It's not about the crime (Score 2) 255

...except this isn't "English", this is law including little things called rights and criminal liability.

If you aren't a full adult, then you're just another variation on the underclasses. What's sadder still is that some people are enthusiastic to go along with that kind of crap.

People are considered "children" and "protected", except when they aren't. People are considered "adult" and granted full rights, except when they aren't.

Comment Re:This is absurd (Score 1) 275

> If you work at a large enough company, you can't just take the company credit card to shop with whenever the whim strikes you. Otherwise the IT staff would end up with their own company Lamborghini.

That's pretty easy to avoid. Just have a purchasing limit for the employee. It's nice and simple and easily avoids the "lamborghini problem.

Comment Re:There are good reasons for gvt bureaucracy, rem (Score 0, Troll) 275

No. Socialism subverts the free market. It substitutes "fair" with "equal" and destroys the usual incentives that encourage people to excel. It's very much like communism in this respect. It errs to far on the other side and tends to sabotage anything that's not the status quo.

Comment Re: Ignorance? (Score 1) 235

Stop sounding like trailer trash.

Science is a method and a philosophy. It's not a set of facts put down in a book to be worshiped like an idol. Teaching those ideas would be far more useful then forcing to regurgitate a bunch of facts.

That way when they see Tyson put "science and truth" in a sentence together they can know how full of shit Tyson is.

Comment Re:Ignorance? (Score 1) 235

No. The problem is what do you call a person. At what point does a blob become a person? What's that defining moment.

Theocratic busybodies are no good at answering that question. They probably would not like the answer.

Plus you have other fun issues to deal with that the "morally superior" types like to ignore.

Comment Re: Lovely summary. (Score 1) 1034

> "Trump will make a terrible president because he wears a bad toupee."
> Ad Hominem. But doesn't make me wrong. Trump would be a horrible PotUS, just not because of the hair piece.

Your argument is still unproven and thus something that no one should take seriously. The requirement to "prove it" still remains.

That's the whole problem from the "bad arguments don't matter" camp.

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